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Pork loin on now

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All right I finally got my pork loin on the smoker!
Dang thing would not come up to temp.

Anyway, got a 7.5 lb loin on along with a batch of Dutch's wicked beans.
Got some apple wood and hickory, temp around 225 to 230 s right now.

Here are some pics...
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Hey looks good so far!
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Lookin good galaxie. Loins sure look pretty all rubeed up, and Dutch's beans...
What to say about those except that I'm not a fan of beans at all but I absolutely LOVE Dutch's recipe and now make it for every family gathering we have.
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I like the rub and the choice only thing I see is maybe some bacon on that loin they do tend to dry out alittle bit or maybe inject it. But thats my 2 cents everything looks good for the most part. Happy Smokin and don't forget more Q
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Looks pretty good from here. Waiting on the qview.
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Looks good!
I was just going to start a thread asking about pork loins, I have one to cook tomorrow. Do you make those pullable? What's the best way to do those?

Can't wait to see how yours comes out
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Lookin Good

Looking Good Galaxy...can't wait to see some more qviews.
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Hey everybody, glad to see your all checking it out.

I got everything done, and I think it turned out pretty good.
All my friends loved it and I thought it was pretty tasty too.

I cut the loin in half and rubbed one half with mustard and my rub, and the other half with evoo and my rub.

had a heck of a time getting the smoker to temp. It was about 72 and really windy (that's my excuse anyway)
Used some apple wood and some hickory chunks and charcoal. 225 to 250, took about 3 hrs.
Put Dutches mahogany sauce on one and the other was plain.
Pulled the plain at 140 and mopped the other one and let it go until 145.
Let them rest about 45 minutes then slice and served.
Turned out pretty good. Very tender, nice smoke ring ( you cant really see it in the pics, but it was there I promise! )

I have a few ideas about what I will do different next time. I will definately be doing this again.
Anyway, here's more pics and I gotta get some sleep.
Thanks again for checking this out!
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Looks great, glad it all turned out.
What ideas/things would you do differently next time?
Get some well deserved rest and congrats on the smoke.
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Hey Ron,
I'm not sure if these are pullable or not. This was the first pork loin that I have smoked.
Hopefully somebody else with more knowledge will chime in here.
I just basically put some rub on mine and let them sit in the fridge overnight. I thought it turned out well.
Good luck with yours tomorrow!
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Thanks Fire it up,
I think next time I might wrap with bacon and I will for sure let BOTH halfs rest the full 45 minutes.
I only let the mahogany side rest about 20minutes. A lot of juice ran out of that one. It was weird though, that one seemed more juicy than the one that cooked to a lower temp and rested longer. Go figure?
And Dutches beans were killer as usual. I used Serranos and Garden Salsas since my jalapenos arent doing much this year.
I'll probably think of more things when I get some sleep and let some beers and bourbon wear off!
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I am by no means an expert on the smoker but I did see a thread where someone brought it up to temp and pulled it. I would assume that you would need to get the internal temp up to 195 at least and then I don't see why it wouldn't pull. I have only done the pork loin once and it turned out good. I smoked at 225 until it reached 150 and sliced it. It was really good this way.

Others with more expereince may way want to chime in.
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Thanks! I'll need the luck lol

Glad yours came out really good, that's great! I keep having the opposite trouble, my smoker gets too hot it's hard to get few enough coals in there to keep it down to 225 since I did my air flow mods months ago. Yesterday I found this arrangement gave me about 225-250 and the wood smoked good without bursting into flames right away.

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