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Cheese Pizza Fatty (Q-View)

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So I have been stuck all week on what to put in this fatty... I just gave up and did a simple cheese pizza fatty. I have it in the GOSM now with some pecan wood chips.

Rolled out my sweet sausage:

Weaved my bacon:

Added pizza sauce and mozzerella cheese:

Rolled her up tight and placed her in the center of the weave:

And sealed her tight:

Then I heard something come to the back door, sucker must of been hungry!

It was just Toby... Cute little mutt...

End resule to follow!
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Nice looking fattie Train!! Cute doggie
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Thanis dingle, he is a handful... He thinks hes a kangaroo... he loves to jump...
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nice lookin fattie there, I think I need to try doing one some day.

cant wait to see the end result.
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With all the people here tring to out do each other with a bigger, better, greater fattie that has to be about the most simplest fattie I have ever seen. Nice going
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Finished fatty... Could'nt cut it and take pics of it before everyone got their hands on it... But it was simple yet delicious!

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