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CSRs for the father in law q-view **warning big pictures**

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This will on going throughout the day. Father in law is coming over this afternoon so I decided to go with CSRs today. I put my favorite rub on last evening (14 hours) and took them out to knock the chill off at 4:30 this morning, then put them on the pit at 6 a.m. I'm shooting for about a 6 hour smoke with a 2 hour buffer in case I run into any problems. As you can see in the pit picture, it's crammed!

Before Rub

After Rub

Just put on the pit

3 hours on

5½ Hours, just put the sauce on. About 45 minute to go.

CSRs are done! Man are they tender..
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Looking good so far

I think I can smell them over her in Indiana.
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i like big pics & i like yours very much keep us posted
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Everything looks good so far. We love CSR here and I used to grill them now we smoke them easy and pretty fast.
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Those are looking good! Looks like you have plenty to share.biggrin.gif
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There's more than enough for when my father in law comes over, but my oldest son will stop by later and it will be "iffy" if there'll be enough by the time he gets finished making his own care package.
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Ribs are done. See original post for all the pictures.
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Actually just about right except for that one. I assume you had 800 x 600 set for your picture upload in PB, Danbury? Wonder why the one came out a little bigger??

And the grub looks great PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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That last one I cropped and forgot to resize before I uploaded. I should have not taken the picture straight down... loses the perspective when I do that.
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Those certainly are drool worthy pics.
Tomatoes in the top of the pic are looking good too, are they from your garden?
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yes, they are pretty puny this year but good. I had some bigger ones and they were a day from me picking them, but my dog got to them first. Had to put up some fence around the bushes after that.
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Good Looking CSRs

That is some mighty fine looking CSRs. Thanks for sharing.
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