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Tejas (???) smoker on ebay?

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Anyone ever heard of Tejas smokers or know anything about them? There is a model 1628 for sale on ebay that is within driving distance of me. Can you run this smoker with charcoal as well? Links below;

Any feedback appreciated.
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Don't know anything about that smoker but
Hopefully someone will help you out before the time runs out.
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My brother has got one like it and it seems to work real well. I priced the material to copy one for myself and it would run about 500.00 in materials and parts. with free labor.. if it can be had for around that sum I would
consider it a better than fair deal.. U already stated that it is not far
from U. Hemi..PDT_Armataz_01_03.gif
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Ya can more en likely use charcoal, but that be alotta steel ta heat up, wood be cheaper. Use Oak er another clean hardwood fer base fuel then add in yer flavor woods.

Looks ta be a decent unit.
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I have seen them up close and they are well built. The Tejas line of smokers has a fine reputation as far as I can tell. I purchased a burner venturi from the company and had no problems.
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Tejas smokers are quality smokers. Heavy duty and fairly easy to control temp in....even with lump charcoal as your main heat source.

If ya have to pay more than 50% of new price....then I would have to really consider my cost and probably pass and get EXACTLY what I wanted new.

Just me .02 cents worth.
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