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I'm a member of quite a few forums, but still mostly post here and seldomly anywhere else. All forums have people that come and go in my humble opinion that is the nature of an internet forum. We all lost post in the great crash (about 500 for me) but no point in continuing to dwell upon that though, life is full of obstacles you either choose to move beyond them or you don't. With that said other changes around that same time have caused me to not spend as much time here as I used to.
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Pretty much covered - at last lol - but one thing jeanie said really bothers me.

We are all individuals, this is not a gang, we are not small stupid children.
The statement above is primarily what the bad blood was about.
It's just petty and pathetic. However as this thread still stands - hopefully that attitude is no longer being promoted.

A forum stands or falls on it's own merits and members - period. Smf is a great forum and does not now, nor did it ever need, to have such ridiculous rules, hopefully that period is behind us now.
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If you read it properly Jeanie is just stating what Jeff asked .The way I read it anyways .Just my two cents worth icon_rolleyes.gif
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The distinctive sign of a Class community.

I was a registered member before the crash and after I had difficulty re-registering Yuck,,, Before joining, I had lurked for many months and found
this site to have a wealth of accurate information and a huge number of passionate
people willing to assist, help, share, encourage, and support the objective
of anthers successful cooking endeavor.

Even in things not closely related to cooking, there was a multitude of assistance offered.
The overall attitude was indeed help-help-help on a myriad of topics.
That was my impression then and yes it still is.

To me, the obvious fact that this thread is still standing warrants a salute
to the admin, owners, and moderators for allowing the exchange of diverse
opinions stay intact and available for all to read and discern their own opinion. And then comment freely if they so choose.

For me, I frankly convey a '1st Class Award' to everyone and having the opportunity to express that in this remaining (non-edited or omitted) thread says it all. I am proud of this site and damn glad to be a member.

Will I post info from other forums I feel would benefit this site ? You bet
I will, and post a link with it if warranted. The same as I will for them if
I feel something from this one is a benefit to the folks on that one.
Exactly the same if I find information from elsewhere, a book, newspaper,
web-site or divine intervention. To me, diversity is a strength and not a handicap. If we were mandated to always agree, it would sure be boring, self serving, and stagnant.

I do not take a position its them and us,, Its a 'WE' combination and
Using the word 'They' does not seem to fit well, in my opinion.
We all have the same passion, interest, desire, and most of all, WE
all are willing to share our best for the benefit of another.

Thanks for the opportunity to list my lil rant.

Now. SHOULD I FOIL OR NOT ? Who can give me the only right answer PLEASE !

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On July 7th after reading this post from "Low&Slow"

Hi everybody. Its been a long time since I posted here. Everything seems a bit different. It looks like all the regulars I use to talk to are gone. I did a member search for Texas-Hunter and cant seem to find him. Last I heard he was a moderator. Anybody know where he disappeared to? Also, its good to be back. I plan on firing up the smoker this evening for an all night brisket smoke. Gonna do some buffalo turds and a fatty too.

I replied with a one liner;

"look here: (url of another website)"

I was not reprimanded but the post was deleted by someone.

Guess I crossed some kind of line in the sand.icon_rolleyes.gif

An older member asked a question and an older member answered, simple as that!
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This thread is starting to go down a road that it doesnt need to go. This is going to be closed.

Illini I deleted the url to the other site. Jeff(the owner of the site) doesnt allow advertising other site. Even though you were not telling people to go there indirectly it was advertising. I didnt reprimanded you because I felt that you didnt put it there to advertise. but to answer a question about what can you do and what cant you do. If you are putting a link in a reply to take someone to another site with the information that the person needs but cant get on SMF then that is ok. But if you are telling people in the public forum to go to another forum then this is not allowed. If you find another site that you like and you want to EMAIL it to someone then so be it but do not use this site.

I am going to address the Texas-Hunter issue. Ken was not banned for starting his own site. There were several things that he did that led to the banning. At one point I asked him why he was doing these things and he said he wanted to get banned because he was upset that Jeff asked him to step down as a moderator as Jeff felt that it would be a conflict of intrest.

I hate to air these issues but the SMF staff gets criticized alot about the banning.

If you have any other comments or questions pm me.
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