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How long can a butt be safely be left in a cooler?
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as long as it stays above 140 degrees if I remember correctly. I have done 6 hours and when i pulled it was over 170 still.
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Above 140' is correct. I have held for many hours at 145'. I have held at 190' overnight and it was fine.
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Thanks a lot guys. Thats what I like about this site, always get the answers. Thanks again.
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I got ready to go to bed and noticed the temp had fell to 157 so I was worried it may drop below the 140. So going off of what Ron had said, I just placed it in the oven with the ovens temp probe set for 185. Got up this morning and temp was on 191. Man I think that is the best tasting and most tender pork yet.

Thanks guys!
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Now where's those pictures?
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