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No smoke Seared/Low & Low Chuckies

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My wife said " please, no smoke today, honey icon_sad.gif smoke everything lately icon_lol.gif.

So, these 2 lil' chuckies (4.11lbs) were awaiting the thin blue in my fridge during a 4-day thaw...what shall I do, oh, what shall I it!

Sear (1st time with a roast) with my cast iron grill/griddle (first time I've used it), and Low & Slow over charcoal without smoke wood (another first for me with roasts)...she just adores charcoal cooking. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Should be another interesting mean...cook, today. icon_redface.gif Several firsts to pull together, anyway.

I trimmed the bulk fat and some nasties off and rubbed them down with my recently discovered basic powdered rub blend.

I'm shooting for an average temp of 225*. I'll see how that goes.

Just into the charcoaler @ 278* (temp spiked on me for a bit):

After 1-1/4 hours, time to add some prewarmed (not hot) coals:

I waited until the chamber temp dropped to around 205*, and temps spiked again for a few mintes after adding coals @ 268*, then started leveling off closer to 230*. I'll probably let it drop below 200* before adding coals again...add a smaller amount more often, and use cold briqs instead of preheating.

I think I'll go ahead and brase after I/T is over 160* and let 'em soak it up for a couple hours for a nice tender slicing.

I'll come on back with more when I'm closer to the finish. So far, so good.

This smoke...I mean, cook...will broaden my horizons abit, if nothing else. Of course, the meat should still be good, even though it's not smoked.......right? I'm just soooooooo addicted to the thin blue that I don't know how I'll handle it...oh man, I feel the DT's comin' already! LOL!

Thanks for peekin'!

Wish me luck!

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You should have slipped in one apple chip or something, then there would have been smoke and she would never have known.
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Your wife sounds like my hubby. He says all I want to do is smokeicon_smile.gif
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Heh-heh...I did think about doing that, 'cause a few times when I've done my 2-3 hour cold smoke & sear, she didn't even know. She'd say it was really good and asked me what I did to it, so I'd tell her...she'd just shake her head and keep eating. She knows now that if I mention the charcoal grill it means cold smoke & sear, unless specified otherwise.

Yeah, that's me too! If it ain't smoked, it ain't dinner! LOL!!!!!!!!!!

Naw, I like other methods of cooking too, just not as much.

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Stalled out & lost chamber temps

Oops! I meant to post this update with my replies above.

I added cold briqs during the stall @ 157* on the larger of the 2 chuckies.

Had a tough time getting temps back up (dropped into the 170's range. I finally got it coaxed back over 200* now. I/T dropped about 11-12* before I got a handle on it though. One extreme to the other.

Oh, well...still in the stall range which means it could either be very dry or very tender. Juices are showing still...maybe OK yet, but I still want to brase to be sure. I'm now shooting for 165* in the larger one before foiling, and the smaller should be over 170* by then.

A peek inside with the lid cracked open just enough to get the lens/flash module to get inside the chamber.

Back with the finish...I a nasty big storm coming our way (wind/heavy rain/possible hail or worse). Rain started about 20 minutes ago and the dopler radar is showing some ugly stuff out there.


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Finished 'em up in the "O" tonight...between the weather and my lack of experience with hot smoking in the charcoaler, it was gonna be a late dinner.

I did pull the roasts and pan/foil tent @ 161*/172*. A dash of OJ and off they went for a brase.

I speeded it up, running @ 300* for 3/4 hour. Pulled with the largest looking like it was med/well and sliced.

A little chew, but not tough at all. The connective tissue was broke down just enough. I think the drop in I/T while in the stall was actually a good thing. Addition of liquids to brase keep it moist.

Into the pan:

Out of the "O":

Nope, no smoke ring to speak of...oh, how I miss my smoke:

It was OK for a pinch cook I guess.

Hmmm...I wonder if the wife would go for some SMOKED spares for dinner Tuesday night...................

Maybe I'll just go fot it and see how far it sails! LOL!!!!!!PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif


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Looks good even if it isn't smoked.
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Looks good.

I think from looking at the pics you had the ribeye end. If so they would have been better at 140' or less.

Maybe Pops or a meat cutter can add to this.
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