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Completed exchange and thank you.

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There was no original thread for this exchange because it took place as the ideas for the program coming back were being kicked around and set up by the mods but I wanted to post the outcome of the transaction.

I recently did an exchange with member Meatball.
I sent him a bag of dried chipotle peppers and in return he sent me a bunch of fresh key limes and his wifes recipe for key lime pie.

I wanted to thank him for the exchange and can't wait to give them a try.
For those curious I will have more chipotles to offer at some point but the place is an hour drive from me. You can be sure when I get some more I will offer them up for trade.
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Thank you Fire it up! We are making enchiladas this week with some leftover smoked chicken quarters I have in the freezer - definitely going to use the chipotles in them!

I love the exchange idea and it really worked out well for both of us.
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You two definetly could have something here. Maybe an exchange page could be in order. There are alot of thing I can get but someone else cann't and vice versa. Specially you fire you come up with some of the damnedest things and methods.
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Nice. I was looking to make a key lime pie this weekend from a recipie I was given from some supposedly famous resturant. But no key limes to be found at my local grocery store. May have to try an exchange with Meatball if I've got anything he would like.

Maybe a wife and 3 kids? LOL
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Dude...I already have a wife and two kids - both girls - which is just way too many women for me..LOL

But, hit me up and we can work something out!
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Hey Dude, I noticed you and a lot of others on here like using Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce.
Recently found around here they also carry rasperry chipotle SBRs and honey chipotle SBRs. Thought about offering them up in the exchange program but didn't know how wide spread of a thing they were.
Didn't try the honey one but the raspberry chipotle is really good.
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Hey nice looking limes, and I know those chipoptles are great! I cut some up as-is on a DiGiornio pepperoni pizza and that was fantastic. Great thing you started the exchange going again FiU!
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Ran out of chipotle powder a while ago couldn't find it anywhere. Love it in my rib rub. Just happen to stumbble on it this last weekend. Almost $5 for 3oz ground icon_rolleyes.gifmad.gif. Would be nice to have a supplier biggrin.gif
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An Exchange Page isn't going to happen. List what you want or need in the "Classified Ads" and make arrangements via pm's and/or email as explained in the Exchange Program.

Just remember to keep it fair for all parties involved.
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Thanks Dutch, and I agree with the decision. Keep the potential probs away.... everyone else, we are all adults- let's keep the exchange that way.\

My 2 cents.
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Way to go guys.
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