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Maybe getting all the facts before posting would be a better idea.

Not wanting to beat a dead horse, but I was offended along with some other OTBS members as I was one of them. I have a Certified Proffesional Food Manager's certificate but we can all make mistakes, everyone is human. I have also served 1,000's of people in my restaurant rare beef, and have also eaten it all my life also with no known food poisioning issues. As an OBTS member we do hold ourselves to a higher standard regarding food saftey. You have also questioned a post or 2 of mine in the past, but I just ignored them.

This is the best and most informative forum on the web and the friendliest, lets try and keep it that way, thanks Jeff.
Let's all be friends and get along.

Originally Posted by DanMcG
I borrowed these quotes from bbally in his Food Safety and Low and Slow Discussion post.

I'd be fine with it the way Oneshot did it, assuming it meet one or both of the above guidelines.
I think a healthy discussion on proper food prep and cooking is good for everyone from the newbie to the seasoned pro, but lets keep it friendly :)

And thanks for the Q-view Oneshot it looks great! Can ya share some history of the Italian sammie? Some of us never heard of it.

I agree about keeping it friendly.

Originally Posted by oneshot
Dan, thanks for the confirmation of food and temp facts. I don't venture to far from the safety "guidelines" on cooking meat. Believe it or not I have no wishes to eat and make myself or anyone else sick. Before people comment on safety they should first make sure they are correct on the information they are talking about. If they are unsure of the circumstances they should ask the person questions through a "PM" to find out the facts instead of acting like a know it all and causing that person embarassment or ill feelings. Better yet would be to notify admin. or a mod to take the required action. The site staff here are very knowledgable and can handle these type situations very well.

It has been brought to my attention that a lot of people here don't know what an Italian beef sammich is so I will make a post on them with Qview here today and explain how to make them. Another fun thing for me to do....I love it and get to share back some of my knowledge, that's what makes this forum great.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

I agree Steve.

Originally Posted by PigCicles
I see no need for anyone to get their skirt in the air over this. It is a solid piece of beef ... not poultry. We all know about the dangers of bacteria and I too am guilty of eating "under cooked" beef for most of my life. Now give me a piece of chicken that even hints at under cooked and I will walk.

I say to each their own. Why make this fantastic piece of meat an issue and take away from the excellent turn out???

Thanks Pig, I couldn't have it said it better.

Originally Posted by Bman62526

Anyone ever heard of steak tartare?!? Take two kinds of RAW beef, grind it up mix it and eat it!

((sounds sick as hell to me, but some folks do it!))

I appreciate the fact that people here are looking out for our safety, but at the same time, it's also too easy to get wrapped up in the whole 140 in 4 hours deal...especially with USDA Grade A beef.

I did my first smoked Italian beef sammies about 2 weeks ago...mine was only a 4 pounder. I took it to 132° and then double-foiled it and into the cooler...90 minutes later it was at 137° when I sliced it. Yummm!

Originally Posted by oneshot
PC, thanks for the compliment, and well said...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

I used to serve that for parties as an Hor doeurve. Mix in a raw egg and some raw onions, yum. I wouldn't eat that now days with all the food scares going on.

Carry on and enjoy, life is too short.
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Oneshot, nicely done! points.gif to you and enjoy your 2nd green tile!PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

I would love to have a couple lbs of that beefy goodness!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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30+ years as a meatcutter and almost every day never thought a thing wrong about trimming off a small slice of any beef cut and chewing it down raw; had to test it for tenderness, y'know? lol! Then slurp down a few raw oysters out of the oyster bucket! I drew the line at sausage, however; used to have a lady customer come into my dad's store and want to sample the raw pan sausage before buying any. She also had spiders wandering around in her gray hair too... really freaky watching her 'judge' the taste test..!

Pops §§
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Everything looks great oneshot. as Far as the temps, you know what they say "to many cooks spoil a thread. " Glad I don't use a thermometer cooking Venison might not move the needle. Then again I'm not sticking it with a probe, just a broadhead.biggrin.gif
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Soooo. Can I have Mikey's sandwich? Sounds like he doesn't want it. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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I dont think that there will be any leftover Tanger...that WAS only a 25 lb piece of meatbiggrin.gif

Bone bustin' 'em with the stick and string. A little less than rare for me with the venison Jersey!!
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Nice job and great pics! Points from me!
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Thanks everyone for your input and compliments, it really makes me feel like I'm contributing to this great forum. So let's try and get away from the temp. issue (it's been resolved) and get on with some lip smackin goodies......PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Amen. Nuff said there.
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ditto brian, i will withhold my supporting comments for oneshot and feel he covered all the bases needed in his post to make one feel he was well within all saftey guidlelines, that intact muscle rule says it all and i bet by the time finished resting was very close to 140 internal.

niced job on a great smoke!!! another big chunk to try is a beef clod... 20 lbs or so. i think you need to give some a that to your butcher and get his expert opinion and walk away with the recipie!!! points.gifto you on a great, safe smoke!!! looks delicious wish i could sample... by chance your butcher interested in selling a bit of that unknown rub??? nice pics too!!!
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Thanks erain, and yes, I believe he will sell it for a minimal cost...PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif

Wait a minute!!!! Who went in to the ACP and took out my thumbs up guyicon_question.gificon_question.gificon_question.gif
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