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Confused by yesterday's Rib and Chicken smoke

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Yesterday we did 4 racks of baby backs and 16 chicken quarters. The quarters were on the small to medium size. We put the ribs on first and two door thermometers were showing about 225*. In an hour we did the bend test and the baby backs bent very easy and they had some pullback on the bones too. We put them in a large aluminum pan and put them back in the smoker. At the same time we put the 16 chicken quarters on. In about an hour and a half, the internal temp of the chicken was 180-190. The heat had also gone up to 250* after we first put the chicken in. After 1.5 hours, we gave the meat every "test" I've read here to see if things were done. I knew they weren't supposed to be according to the times I read here (2-2-1 for BBs, etc). We went ahead and pulled the meat. In about 20 minutes we ate and everything was great. It got rave reviews. Tender, juicy chicken and delicious ribs. The thing that keeps puzzling me is why did they cook so quick? If anybody can give me some answers I'd appreciate it. I'm confused. PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif

BTW - we also smoked some large baked potatoes and they came out great too.
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Hmm...the 2-2-1 method is a rough guide. To me if you watched for pull back, did the bend test, and the meat met the criteria then, I would just go with what the meat tells you. As for the chicken quaters, I guess they cook up quicker than a whole chicken would. You also did the internal temp check so it confirmed that the chicken were done.
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The method for ribs is a guide. I always look for the pull back of about 1/4 to 1/2 inch. Ribs are the only thing I cook by time and sight. You will find that even with other cuts of meat that from time to time you find an odd duck so to speak. If ya did the internal temp on the chicken and it was over 165 then it was done and safe. Some days we just eat early. :)
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I used a big stickburner yesterday and we usually use an electric smoker. I'm not sure if that made that much different. The ribs bent a lot after an hour and looked done then. I was just afraid they weren't. We probably left both the chicken and ribs in longer than thery needed to be, but I wanted to be sure they were done. I've never cooked meat so fast before! We ate about 3 hours earlier than I had planned, but everything turned out fine.
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I smoke with an MES, an Masterbuilt NG, and an Oklahoma Joe. Even staying within the set guidelines for smoker temp, they all cook differently not only in taste and texture but smoking time as well.
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Sometimes ya just get lucky!!!!PDT_Armataz_01_34.giftongue.gif
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