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bbq ready!

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hello all!
spent the last few days nursing a pinched nerve reading up here...information overload!
i was all set to get a chargriller smokin pro from lowe's but decided on the ECB gourmet instead, i have a gasser and a kettle grill (made some fine ribs and beer can chicken on it) and with a smoker i am ready for anything!
i actually first came here after reading about the bacon explosion, not knowing that it is really a fattie...
right now the only mod on my ECB is the charcoal pan mod, will wait and see if i really need to add a vent on the bottom...eventually i may construct a UDS anyway...
now with the patio cleared off and the 'Q station ready just two things needed:
get healthy, and get smokin!
will post first smoke in ECB along with the mods...

what should i smoke first? ABT? fattie? turkey? chicken?........

PS: kettle grill is KIA! the leg sockets broke off, 'ole fireball is out of service for a while...thinking of bolting metal conduit legs to grill...aint pretty but it should work...
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Welcome to SMF. Glad you joined us.
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Welcome to SMF.

A fatty is always a sure winner on the smoke.

Check out the 5 day ecourse.
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Aloha and Welcome to SMF. Have fun here, and post Qviews when you can.
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Welcome aboard. Around here, it's sort of a tradition to make a fatty first on a new smoker. Good luck with the Gourmet I have one, and several others here do too. And, there are a gazillion Brinkman owners here. Most of the bullet models are similar. Good luck with old Fireball. You may want to take a peek on Craigslist. I got a barely used 1 yr old Weber 22 1/2 for 20 bucks.
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Nothing like getting back to icon_rolleyes.gif

Welcome aboard.... this site is awesome. I have learned so much and am totally addicted.

Hope you find it as rewarding as I have!
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Welcome! And I would have gone with the chargriller W SFB. Then you could do a fatty, ABTs chicken and turkey all at once...

Nonetheless I'm thinking about getting an ECB if I can't find a 30 gal drum for a mini UDS. Sometimes you just cook for one.
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I think fatties and some chicken leg quarters would be great, at least that's probably what I would do.
Best thing about healing and smoked meat is that eating smoked meat will preserve you PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif

Welcome to the site, have fun and happy smokes.
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Welcome to the forum!!
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Glad to have you with us.
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Welcome aboard. Glad you joined us. Looks like you're getting plenty of good info.
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Welcome to SMF!
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