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First Chicken Wings

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I stole the idea from chisoxjim for the buttermilk chicken wings. Thanks btw! But I have changed it slightly. I used a roasted red pepper seasoning and turned down the spicyness on them so everyone can enjoy them.

I have them brining now...

I am going to be using cherry wood in the GOSM.

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Let us know how they turn out. Looking good !!
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I love chicken wings!!

Of all the foods I have smoked thus far ( I am still new to smoking meat) I have to say that the chicken wings have been my favorite. I have done them twice now and no matter what I am smoking I will likely throw on some chicken wings as well.

Cant wait to see the finished product!!
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Put the beans on and checked the wings.

It started to rain and I didn't want the food to get wet so I had to take a piece of foil to the top of the GOSM to channel the smoke out and keep the food dry.

Final product...

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YUMMMM PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Looks like some fine dining to me
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Great Job, When is dinner. LOL
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Nice work!
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what is the buttermilk chicken wing recipe?
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I definitely want to try the buttermilk on my next batch...nice job!
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That is some tasty looking chow you made! Congratulations PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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+1, please?
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1 cup water
1 cup buttermilk
kosher salt to taste
your favorite rub
black pepper
pinch of chili powder

brine for at least 1 hour no more then 5 or 6

then rub or seasoning on top once again.
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those wings looked very good. glad you liked the buttermilk brine. points.gif
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I remember when Jim posted this and thought of how darned good they looked. Congratulations on a great looking smoke.

oh and for sure points.giffor pulling off this picture

did she have any idea you did this? LOL I love it.
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I honestly had her pose for this pic... I made a little joke post about it to get the people reactions...

She got so mad about it too! I love it!
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I should've posted there, but that is the funniest thing I've read in a long time! You apparently picked a great woman. My wife freaks out everytime I start snapping pictures for qview... "I'd better not see myself on that damned Smoking Meat Forum so you and all your little meat geek friends can laugh at me."

Blah, blah, blah.

We've been married 10 years and I do 90% of the cooking. So I can get away with that now. You on the other hand...tread lightly my friend, tread lightly.
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She just read your last post and she is thrilled that she is not the only woman out there who gets pissed about the qview...

She is a keeper but, sometimes I have to remember how good she is so I have to take a step back and use my head...
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Good Looking Food

Nice job on the wings and beans....both of which I have yet to ry but look forward to with anticpation.
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