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Final Kielbasa Polish Smoke Views

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These are the final pics of my Polish Kielbasa venture. The Lang was ran at 130-150 for 4 hrs with Pecan and Pear wood. The Sausage took on a nice color and we grilled a few links afte the smoke for lunch again. LOL
Man these were good yesterday just grilled but now smoked for 4 hrs and grilled to finish they are incredibaly tastey! Sandy is now a believer in my new grinder investment and I am off the hook! LMAO!

The first 1/2 of this venture:

On at 150 degrees

I add a grill wok when I am smoking low temps to hold the small amount of fuel together and allow me a more consistant burn.

Just cause you see little smoke doesn't mean it ain't happening.

About done at 3 hrs.

Ok ready to come off. These should be cooked through before eating.

Cooling to be packaged with food vac:

I would recommend this recipe to anyone and feel good about it.
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thanks i'll save this as i really like Kielbasa but have to watch for a good sale for me to justafie it
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Stop it! Stop it!! Your making me crazy! Must Have Sausage!!PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
Thats some good lookin work there.
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Beautifully done, and congratulations! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Moving this up on my to smoke list!


Those are some fine looking links my friend!

Loaned my grinder out to a friend but now have an even stronger excuse to go pick it up. (it's a commercial grade grinder and weighs ton and I have not needed it but am rethinking my need now!

Thanks for sharing!
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WOW! Great looking sausage PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Great looking sausage! Any way you could hang a dowel in the smoker to hang the sausages off of?
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Those look great Rick.
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Great job rick You guys are just not gonna stop teasing all of us out here and cyberland with all that good sausage. thanks for the nudge.
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Judging from what I am seeing, I know its happening !!!!!!!! Great Job
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I have plans to have 3 hooks welded across the inside of the tank that will hold bakers baskets I have or a metal rod for sausage. Like all my mods I got the stuff just not the expertise to install\weld ect. Eventually I will bread down and haul her to a welding shop and say do this while I watch. LOL
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