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First Chicken?

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Leg and thigh quarters-MES at 275 deg cooking to 170 took about 2 1/2 hrs. Sound about right?
Thanks for any help.
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Yup, sounds about right to me.
As always, temp not time but 2 1/2 is a good estimate.
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Sounds right, just remember ^^^^^^^ what Fire it up said.
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Hey Thanks, I do go by temp but was just wondering about time. also have a chuckie still going and some Gizzards. Can't wait. Love to smoke just need to do it more.
Thanks again
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Just remember at 275ยบ you will probably have some rubbery skin. Not that you should really eat it any way biggrin.gif
You gonna toss it on a hot grill to crisp them up?

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Like they all said temp not time 2 1/2 is good but that was that bird the next could go faster or slower. You can smoke them then throw the chicken on a regular grill to crisp the skin or you can rise the heat in the smoker easy if you have a gas smoker. One thing with smoking many things at the same time always keep the bird on the lower grates not on top of anything. Happy Smoking.
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