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been gone for awhile

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Hi everybody. Its been a long time since I posted here. Everything seems a bit different. It looks like all the regulars I use to talk to are gone. I did a member search for Texas-Hunter and cant seem to find him. Last I heard he was a moderator. Anybody know where he disappeared to? Also, its good to be back. I plan on firing up the smoker this evening for an all night brisket smoke. Gonna do some buffalo turds and a fatty too.
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Can't say I knew you from before low&slow but it sure is good to meet you now.
Welcome back.
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Welcome back! Nice to meet you.
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Welcome back to the forum!!!!
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Welcome back! Sit down, have a beer....stick around for a while
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Been awhile for me too . Glad to see ya back. I still lurk alot
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I'm pretty new here but I really like it and it's really good to have you back.
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Hey, L&S,

Nice to see you back. How is The Beast doing? As I recall, that was quite an impressive restoration you did on that thing.

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Well there are still some familiar faces here. Good to see everybody again. And nice to meet everyone else. Dave, the beast is still alive and kickin. It was quite a restoration I did. Took me a long time to get her looking and working like she should. I have been thinking of selling her just because I dont use her much anymore. I still have the little SNP too. Ive got a brisket in it as we speak that should be done sometime in the early morning. Buffalo turds are done and almost gone already. Funny how those things dont last long around here. They're like candy.

Heres the brisket with it rub of kosher salt, black pepper onion powder and a little garlic powder.

Here are the buffalo turds and the brisket after about 2 hours on the smoker.

More pics to come as the night goes on.
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Yum! Looks to be a great dinner.
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Glad to have you back low&slow. Great looking brisket and ABTs...
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