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Birthday Smoke with a "Dudestrami"! Tons of qview and a running account. - Page 2

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Looks good to me Dude. And birthday wishes to you. 41 ain't so bad, wait till 50!!!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Happy birthday Dude, Sorry about your "Dudestrami". Maybe next time it will slice for you. Pulled stramie is a new one to me.icon_smile.gif

Hope you had a good one.
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Happy birtday to ya Dude! Sorry but the spam could just scare a few years off my 51 years. LOL. The Strami looks great and been wanting to do it myself. Hope yours was a great day.
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Happy Birthday Dude!

Nice looking pastrami even tho you didn't get it to slice.
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I'm thinking pulled pastrami sandwich with course ground mustard and sourkraut on rye would sound good to me biggrin.gif right now.
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Thanks man. The pepper was fine. Did add a little kick to it. I didn't think it did much, but when my kids started nibbling at it they said it had too much pepper. So maybe that's how I'll keep it to myself. LOL Just add pepper and they'll stay away from it.

Thanks FiU. Yeah was thinking the same thing. Might have to give that a shot.

Thanks. Yeah 40 hit hard but 41 was no big deal.

Thanks ron. Yeah I was a little taken back at the way it behaved. But I knew something was going to be goofy when I took it out of the package. One side of the meat felt really "loose". Almost like it was already starting to come apart. That and the way the grain was swirling all around. But the flavor was still where I wanted it to be. So I'm really not disappointed about it.

Thanks. Well I can say I tried SPAM on the smoker. Once. And I'll leave it at that. I wasn't unedible, it was just that I don't like SPAM. I could live off it if absolutly had to. But I won't be in a hurry to make one of these gain.

Thank you. I'll be sure to post a pict when I have a sandwich I make with it.

Funny, that's what I'm thinking too.
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It looks Shweeeeeet! If I plan on slicing I pull it at 180... let it rest... then cool it down in the fridge and slice the next day. I love it like this but I have to say I also love it the way you did it. It is really hard to slice regardless of grain or anything else when you take it to 198 and slice it while it's hot. It looks awesome.
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Thanks man. Yeah, maybe you're right. I'll try that next time. But I've gotta say that with the exception of putting it on cold, I did the same thing I've done pretty much everytime I've done one of these.

If you look at this picture...

and down in the lower right, you can see how loose the fibers were on this particular cut. I kind of had a feeling when I took it out of the package that things with this one would be a little different.
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Happy birthday Dude!
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