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Frog legs?

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anyone ever done smoked frog legs? Just curious as I am off work Friday and am going to heat up the smoker. I am planning on doing some stuffed bell peppers and chicken wings. But since the local gorcey is running some frog legs on sale @ $3.15 lb I thought I would do some of those as well. If you've done em before let me know how they were...

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Smoke frog legs at 225-250 for 3-4 hours or until the meat begins to pull back from the bone.
Never done them myself but that would be the best way to smoke 'em on up.
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This post made me spit beer on my shirt.........LMAO !!!
LOL.........froglegs are not what I would call sea food...........ROTFLMAO!!!!points.gif
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Ive not done it myself but Ive had them smoked and they are really good. Let us know how they turn out...
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I have done them many times. I like to hit them with EVOO and a little rub and let them do their thing.
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