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left over shoulder question.

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I got a smoked shoulder in the freezer from about a week ago. I know it is still good but how is the best way to prepare it and it still taste good .?
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Once it's thawed out, I cheat and use the microwave to heat it up. Put it in a covered dish with some of the drippings and heat it gently. If you need to hold it at serving temp for a while, keep it warm in a crockpot.
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assuming it is already pulled (it IS pulled, right?) you can do as ITB says or you can drop the ziplock bag (it IS in a ziplock bag, right?) into some gently boiling water and re-heat it that way.

either way works....
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and if it's not pulled u can anything your heart desires and it will be good-I eat cooked pork or smoked-outta the freezer up to 3 years old and tastes great.and being a shoulder it prolly wasn't pulled right?
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Yer right, it wasn't pulled just wrapped in foil and double wrapped in shrink wrap. gonna have it fer supper tomorrow nite. this smokin meat and other ''STUFF'' has gotten to be a habbit. Hemi..PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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I also have a smoked shoulder that is not pulled in the freezer. Can I thaw it in the fridge then place in oven and slow cook it back up to temp??

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What dawn said works for me too.
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If it's not pulled yet go buy you a pasta pot with a stainer insert in it for pasta and just steam it hot. It works great and will add alittle moisture to it also. Next time you freeze something at least put it in a freezer bag not tin foil it will get freezer burn and thats no good to throw away good smoked meat.
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I portion all my leftovers in vacuum bags and then freeze them. Makes a quick dinner. Pop it in the microwave and you have the making for a samich. I also toss a bag into the pot when I'm making beans or chili. Really kicks things up. Have fun with it.
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