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Howdy from St. Louis

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Hi all,

I'm Jeff, and I live in Ballwin, MO (right outside of St. Louis). I've been reading this forum for a few years, but today I made my first post (after having to repair my MES). Figured I'd better do the proper thing and hit Roll Call.

I started out years ago with a Brinkman water smoker. Then I got a Bandera (which I LOVE), and two years ago decided to try the electric route (when I couldn't devote a whole day to tending the fire). Got a Cajun Injector Electric Smokehouse on sale from Cabela's, and have been happy with it. (Until today's electrical failure and repair work.)

There's something to be said for a real fire: the technology is proven, and it doesn't break :-)

I still have some tinkering to do on my smoker, I see. Not enough smoke to suit me just yet. That darned element needs to be just right and I'm not quite there yet. Bet the pulled pork will still eat fine, though.

Here's to thin blue smoke!
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Glad you've decided to start posted Goo. Lot's more fun that way!

About the fire- I tried to grill out last night. Put the charcoal in the chimney, put the paper in the bottom, went in to get matches and dang if it wasn't raining. tongue.gif Happens just like washing a car I swear!
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Welcome aboard Jeff! Glad you finally decided to join us.
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Hey Jeff. Glad you finally quit lurking and decided to join us. Now that you're a full fledged member, we'll be paitently waiting for your qview!
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Welcome to SMF, Jeff. Glad you finally decided to join us.
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Jeff glad you decided to join in. Have fun and happy smoking
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Glad you chimed in Jeff! Welcome!
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Greetings and Welcome to the board, Jeff.

Enjoy your stay at

I'm 20 Miles from you in Shrewsbury!!!

I visit the boys at "Smoke n' Fire Shop" right by you quite a bit!! They know their stuff!!!
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welcome jeff did your repair work out you will like it here lots of good people and we like qview
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glad you finally decided to come out of the closet and let yourself be seen. Now we want to see what you have learned in the shadows. Cann't wait for the Q
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welcome, jeff!
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Welcome aboard.
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Glad to have you here Jeff.
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Welcome to the SMF Jeff! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Welcome to SMF.
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