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25$ Brinkman SnP

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Picked this up on Sat from craiglist for 25$ big score....

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Congrats Div...nice job cleaning her up too!!
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I take it those are before and after pics? If so nice clean up...
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Nice. Heard you mention that on the radio show!
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Great deal and it looks really good with the new paint
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You dog! I have been looking on Craig's for months too! Nice score!
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Xlnt score, Div. Use it in good healthPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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WTG!! That baby has character.
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Nice Score!! I found mine for 50 alass it was a silver smoker.. but the DEAL was the feel good part.. I too had to clean and paint.. and now I've had some real real good smokes with it.. GOOD work!!!

Last week I "found" on CL a 700$ Oklahoma Joes SFB smoker..

and in Boise CL a Gas New Brunfels smoker for 50$ !!!!!
might still be there?> go look if your close!

GOOD WORK DIV!!!!!!!!!points.gif
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div - nice score and welcome to the club!

you're gonna enjoy that baby - it looks to be an odler-model smoke'n pro - one thing i see right away is the longer chimney/smokestack and the wooden shelf. this should be an excellent unit!

any questions, there are plenty of old SnP hands who helped me out - RIVET is one of the first that comes to mind but many others.
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Great deal you got there kevin. She sure is sweet with a new coat of lipstick. Happy Smokin PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Cool Beans on they smoker, I use Craig's List all the time. I got my Bradley Stainless Steel Electric off Craig's list for $50.00 because the guy said it was broken and all it needed was a $4.72 piece that i got from Bradley.
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Nice deal, congrats on the new ( to you ) smoker. I looked forever on CL with no luck. Nice to see someone got a smokin deal.
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You certainly got a steal for that puppy, congratulations! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Very nice cleanup job, too. Looking forward to some inauguration q-vues!
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Nice score, DIV. I'm jealous. I thought I was special. I got the same thing for $40. Heat shield in FB? I had charcoal grates for fb and 2 for cooking chamber, and the prev. owners had been grilling with K in the big box. The ash was 2" higher than the coal grates. Since then, I stuck a 24" chunk of 12" wide 3/4 X #9 expanded metal in my FB for the charcoal grate. Works incredibly well. I just can't get the temps below 300. Even with the damper door completely closed. Maybe because the last 3 cooks, the ambient was 113 ish...
Link to my mod http://www.azbarbeque.com/forums/smokers-grills-pitts-and-more/charcoal-grate-for-smoke-'n'-pit/msg28157/#msg28157
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I need a fb grate like that
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Looking at your first pic I see you have the same kind of smoking buddy as we do.

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Excellent find!!! It should clean up nicely!!
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great find. I wish Craig's list had a search feature that allowed you to create search agents that email when something you are looking for comes up.
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Nice find Div!
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