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1st Q View - pretty new2Q

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First of all thanks to those that helped direct me to Photobucket so I can post some pics of my past couple of Q's.

I have smoked 5 times now in my 40" MES. Each time with great results. The last 2 times with the elusive Electric Smoker Smoke ring. Just 10 days ago, I did not know what ABT's were. Now I am glad I do thanks to you folks. This is a great site with great people. I look forward to participating often and reading others adventures. Ok enough "smoke" blowing, here goes :)

I made a couple of racks 2 weeks ago (2nd time doing ribs). I did one traditional and one in an Asian BBQ style. I rubbed with asian spices and glazed with a mixture of Hoisin & Sriracha. Both came out great. Everyone raved about them. Cooked to perfection.

Nice smoke ring too.

This is from this past weekend. Smoked my 2nd pork rub. Got rave reviews as well. It was real yummy. Can't wait to snack on the leftovers. LOL Amazing bark on this bad boy.

some as it was pulled.

Well hope I didn't screw this up. LOL I'll get better. I want to try brisket for the first time next time and have to get to making a fatty as they look great from what I have seen. Who would have known!!

thanks again!!

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Great job man.

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oh yea very good job keep em comen thanksPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice Job, it looks great!
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Now that's the way ribs are suppose to look! Great looking food!
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Lookin good there, great job!!!!points.gif
Now, would you like to share how you did those asian ribs and the ingrediants????biggrin.gif
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Nice job! Looks great.
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Great job and if I may a tip on the Qview and post. I have started writing the post in Word and paste the pic codes there. I can then edit at my leisure and simply copy and paste to the SMF thread form. Works great. Pnts to ya!
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I just typed up my notes and posted the recipe under this same section. I threw in a new pic. This Q view could be addicting. LOL
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Very sweet looking and I bet tasting ribs and a nice butt also. What kind of finishing sauce did you use ?
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I still have to find a good finishing sauce recipe for the pulled pork. The first butt I did, I found a recipe for a Carolina red sauce (mostly vinegar & red pepper flakes, plus some other ingredients) Got more raves from just plain w/o the finishing sauce. By finishing sauce I mean mixing some in when first pulled. For sauce on the side we had some sweet baby rays hickory & brown sugar the first time. This time I was short on sauce and ingredients, and I just whipped up a mix of Kraft Original (ducking as that probably is a bad word around here) and some vinegar. Was quite tasty, but again tasted great plain.

If anyone has a good finishing sauce (pork mix in) I am ready to try it!!

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FMC Looks great !!! Nice qview PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

I think near the top of the pork section there is a link to a very good finishing sauce . ..

Just checked , here it is.
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Great job Cowboy.....nicely done!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Great Qviews...looking forward to more of your Smokes! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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