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First Brisket - w/Q View

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I planned to do a High Temp cook on this brisket because I didn't want to have to stay up all night.

Wow!!! The brisket was incredible. Moist and tender. Nice smoke ring. What more could you ask for. This won't be the last time I make a brisket.

Full ring of charcoal, 25-30 lit briquettes, 2 hickory and 1 apple chunk.
Total cook time: 4:15hrs
Temp: 325-350F (162-176C)
Foiled at 2:20hrs, 170F (76C)
Cooked another 1:55hrs
Rested for 30 min

5lb (2.3kg) Whole Brisket

WSM with clay pot base.

2 Hickory, 1 Apple

1/2 chimney lit (30-35 briquettes)

Present from my sister!

Before foiling

After foiling


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Nice! Glad it worked out well for you. Not sure how well the high heat smoke would have worked on a big brisket.
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As someone that always pushes the envelope regarding time and temp, I say "Way to to!" biggrin.gif

Meaning...I seem to get better results on my offset when I cook around 250 - 260°. The temps stay very consistent side to side and top to bottom shelf when I'm in that range. If I try to stay right at 225, I have big temp. differentials in different areas of my cooker...that's just the nature of how my smoker works I guess.

I think part of the reason you got away with this, is that you are using a much smaller and more efficient smoker. I like the fact that mine will hold 8 slabs of ribs or so, but to accomplish that - you give up the efficiency of a WSM smoker.

Brisket looks good!
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Great looking brisket. Congratulations.

Great to see that you're using American beef.

When you say you're using a clay pot. Are you putting a clay pot inside of the stock water pan?

Love the Smokemaster sign. I've got to find one of those.
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The military commissaries only sell USDA beef. Haven't tried any Euro beef yet. Yes, I use a clay pot inside the water pan. My sister got the sign in NYC or NJ.
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So I'm not the only one.

Looks great. That's how I'm doing my next Brisket. What or how do you like that seasoning?
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The Montreal seasoning was good. Since it was my first brisket I enjoyed it. I'll try some other rubs in the future.
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Great job on your first brisky! I bet your hooked now.
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Yeah I gotta say that WSM is insanely efficient. After my last pork shoulder smoke, I've done 2 other smokes, with only adding wood, and a chimney of charcoal to the original load.

Vents open only 1-3mm to keep the temps at anywhere from 225-240 for hours. I swear the WSM regenerates charcoal...
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