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I'm pondering doing a caseless Kielbasa (essentially a fattie)... What wood would you smoke it over?
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i like maple or oak for my sausage. but thats just my opinion, there will be others chiming in as well but best bet is pick one and start expierimenting. i am pretty sure what ever advice your going to get here is going to be sound. maybe start with what you have readily available...
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Usually do my Kielbasa over either apple or hickory, sometimes a combination of apple and cherry.

It's really just personal preference. Good luck with the sausage.
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Usually do mine over Hickory or Mesquite, prefer Mesquite; but, I prefer the stronger flavor. My kids bought me bags of Mesquite for Christmas, then asked for summer sausage and polish sausage for Easter!

Pops ยงยง
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I prefer hickory
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Hickory for sure.
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I did a Kielbasa Fattie with some leftover when making 30lb (ran out of casings) and I was not impressed. But I smoke my "basa" using apple of pecan.
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I will be making a cured low smoke Polish Kielbasa this weekend and will use Pecan or Pear.
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