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Chuck Eye Steak W/Qview Score

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I was reading on that Butcher thread about these. So I called my friend the butcher and he got these for me. $1.99. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

I am going to do my usual rub, Yoshida's, garlic and lemon pepper.

Nice and thick, I think I'll do them just as I would Prime rib, rare, and see what happens. I'll post the results either later or tomorrow. Any other suggestions? Maybe a sear at the end?

Wish me luck!
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I a curious how the cut would be just grilled like a good KC strip or ribey.
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Well, I posted this awhile ago, dont know what happened.

Marinaded and ready.

Going on with the drip pan for aujus.

At 122' and 127'.

Getting close.
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cant wait to see the results Ron. Looks good so far
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Looking great so far Ron.
Don't think I've ever seen chuck eye steaks around here, though here in Jersey they don't have a great selection for the most part.
127, Mmmmm....I can smell them getting ready.
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I would definately sear at the end....and you can cook them just like a strip or ribeye steak. High heat ,fast sear. Another steak you might want to try is the Flat Iron steak, It comes From the other part of the front quarter, the shoulder clod(or in everyday terms english roast). Specificly from the top blade portion.Attachment 22015
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Looking good Ron...
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If I were you I'd sear those bad boys.

Tic................ Toc..................

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First one off at 138'.

Second off at 138'. I decided to sear them, and put some Youshidas first. Thanks Dave.

After searing on Dave's Piginit's and ohiobutchers suggestiion I did it.

That's all folks. Thanks for watching. I don't think it is as good as prime rib, but they are great. Especially for $1.99 a pound maybe as I cut into them they will be better.

Still a great value.
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Mighty fine grub Ron.
How well did you enjoy the sear?
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The sear was the finishing touch, thanks for asking.
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That's a great price, usually go for at least twice that or more, but still less than ribeye. We buy them all the time and grill them. You can usually find them at WalMart at a decent thickness an inch or more, some other chains tend to cut them thinner, ¾" or so and aren't as good. Perfect for the wife and I, usually come two to a package.

They are usually sectioned out of what's called the "1st cut chuck" - the first one or two slices off a whole chuck, the mating end that's cut from the large end of the rib. (For some reason can't get on photobucket to add a picture of the forequarter to show.) The 1st cut chuck is very wasty with a large wedge of fat in it that is unappealing as a retail cut; the eye is taken out and the rest trimmed up for stew, cubes and trim. You save the eyes from several chucks when you cut them then package them up together; that's why two in a package rarely look the same, each one comes from a different chuck. (BTW, you get chucks separate, you don't need to cut each one from a forequarter at store level. You'd get in a few hundred boxes of chucks for a chuck sale, each consisting of a chuck section and an arm section).

And that, folks, is the rest of the story... lol!
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Those look great, Ron! Looking forward to the finished Qview.
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You'd get in a few hundred boxes of chucks for a chuck sale, each consisting of a chuck section and an arm section).

Hey Pops, now they have them broke down to chuck rolls & shoulder clods in thier own boxes. 3 or 4 each to a box. So now "the powers that be" can run one type on sale and not have to worry about getting backed up on the other one.
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Very nice ron! You made some fine beef PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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ron me and my wife had a guy tell us about these about 6 months ago when we were in wally world looking at meat. we picked up a pack and have been hooked, we now buy them all the time to grill,i do a spice rub,also i have done them in a cast iron grill pan and finished in the oven.they are a good little steak that wont set ya back a pile,and you still enjoy having steak. we've bought a good many since we've started and really have only had a pack maybe two that were a little tough,but for the price,we have been real pleased with them....by the way yours looked verryy tasty PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Add me to list of chuck eye grillers. I've been grilling chuck eyes for a few years now. Very good flavor from an inexpensive cut.
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Looks great ron.

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Looking good Ron!
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Now that's Shweeeeeet!
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