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more brisket help pleses!!

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ok I want to smoke 2 briskets on Wednesday for Thursdays dinner. After I pull them out of the smoker do I still need to put them in a cooler to rest? also if I let them rest in a cooler do I put them in the fridge after I let them rest a few hours and reheat in the oven?
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here are my thoughts based on my little bit of experience:

#1 - i definitely would do this. it allows the emat to rest and the juices to flow back where they are supposed to go. it also in my opinion allows the meat to keep breaking down any connective tissue etc. that might be still in there.

#2 - i don't think you need to put them in the fridge, but you can certainly do so if you want to or have leftovers. in fact, a lot of folks say it's better the next day! i know from my own experience that it tastes great when re-heated.
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You defintely want them to rest. It makes a huge difference in final outcome. If you wrap them in foil, and in towels before you put them in the cooler, they will keep their temps in the safe zone for up to two hours. Now this is my experiance with full briskets. If they are smaller pieces they may not hold that long.
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After putting in the cooler the temp will still rise as much as /15 degrees and the juice will redistribute through the meat making things much more tender and juicy. I would not skip this.

Also I don't like putting things in the fridge hot or even real warm. Something my mother would always warn about in the back of my head. I guess it is the sweating of hot sealed foods that was the problem but i don't really know for sure.
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OK well I plan on cooking the meat after work on Wednesday for dinner on Thursday so I will need to refrigerate it till we are ready to eat it. what would be the best way to reheat the brisket so it is still juicy?
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ziplock bag with a little drippings, sauce or apple juice, then all air squeezed out before sealing ~ refrigerate until you are ready to prepare and then drop into gently boiling water until heated through!
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