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First Pulled Pork Butt with Q-view

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I just had a nice lengthy post full of q-view and click the wrong button and poof (my fault)

Let's try again.

So I decided to smoke a Boston Butt for some Pulled Pork this weekend. I gave a 9# butt a coat of mustard and then a healthy dose of rub.
I followed the sticky for PPB, and it took about 15hrs to get to ~200°

It pulled beautifully. It all but crumbeled in my hands when I was pulling out the Gunk. I used SoFlaQers finshing sauce and a bbq sauce I'm still tweaking...

I also threw a head of garlic drizzled in EVOO and CBP for my WIP bbq sauce. I smoked it for ~45min, then wrapped it for ~45min, then smoked for another 30 minutes. I pulled the roasted cloves out, discarded the head, and crushed them into past with the back of a knife:

…And of coarse some ABTs. For filling I used a tub of onion & scallion cream cheese, a cup of finely shredded cheese, and four strips of fully cooked bacon, finely chopped.

I don't have a chili grill, so I use the 'canoe' method I read somewhere else in SMF. I lay the pepper down on it most stable side, then cut a small slice off the opposing side, leaving a canoe shaped pepper (i didn't grab a pic sorry). I use a butter knife to remove all the ribs, seeds, and internal parts of the stem. Using a plastic bag with the corner cut off, I fill the tips & ends first, then the rest. I cook the bacon just a tiny bit to render some fat out and so that I tear it when wrapping. I wrap it in a figure eight around the pepper. If I'm good I can use the same tooth pick on both sides (see pic). I put the extra 'filling' on some clubhouse crackers to serve as a cooling bite for those can't hang with the heat.

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nice job with everything. The ABT's look great.

I also enjoy smoked garlic, and use it in beans, my abt filling, corn on the cob, etc.. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Looks great PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif might have been the first but I'd bet it won't be the last judging by the outcome biggrin.gif
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Great lookin smoke...real nice job on everything!!!
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Congratulations on successful smoke. That garlic looks delicious. I just smear it on some baugette bread and mmmmm, that's tasty.

Glad the PP worked out so perfectly for you.
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Great Looking Food. I could down about a dozen of those ABTs.
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Nice looking meal!
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I can dig a smoke of that stature! Great job!
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Nice job! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Everything looks great.
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Great looking smoke! I would say the way those little ABT's were prepared and wrapped is unique. Looks like the Papoose meathodPDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Bravo FCS, everything looks absolutely great.
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Thats an awesome smoke there. Love them abt's and the garlic. You sure have a nice bark on that butt.
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Thanks for all the praise y'all. reheated some tonight for dinner and I think it tasted even better!
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