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Spare rib success 1st Try

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Hey everyone,

I canned the little cast iron smoker box and gas grill for a ECB and a nice bag of Frontier Lump charcoal. I used a handful of cherry wood chips but the majority of the wood was chunk hickory. It was all soaked for an hour before application.
1st, the ECB is a death trap. It assembled just fine. BUT I cut myself on the bowl brackets several times over the weekend. Very sharp metal.

Anyhow.. Nice fire going in the bottom. Lump charcoal had to be added about once every hour and 1/2 and I threw in a little more wood chunk the last 2 hours. Otherwise it seemed to work pretty good.

Note to everyone...the $17 remote probe thermometer from Wall-mart is terrible. At some points it said the meet was 16o F. And at others it said 285o. I have very bad luck with thermometers I guess.

Anyhow I used a rub recipe found on the forum...sorry I forgot who's it is. Mainly salt, brown sugar, cayenne, paprika, and thyme.
Applied the rub about 2 hrs ahead of smoking time and wrapped in plastic wrap.

It took 5 1/2 hrs to get to 165o. I used the 3-2-1 method...with a little modification thanks to some members. 2hrs-2hrs-40min instead.

I also threw in some veggies for good measure..
Taste of the ribs was great. The outside was just a little overdone/tough. But the inside was delicious.

Q-View of the finished product.

ECB Brinkman Smoke n' Grill
Kenmore 3 burner gas
Cast Iron Smoker box
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Nice! Love the veggie packets.
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Looking good and congrats on your first rib smoke.

We like Curious Aardvarks rub with cherry smoke. You might want to give this a try some day.
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Nice looking spares!
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Congrats on some real nice lookin ribs!!
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To be honest, I have some really expensive probes that don't even work well measuring ribs. It's hard to measure ribs for doneness by temperature because of the close proximity to bone. I've found that if you grab a rack by long tongs and bend them down the middle, if they break, their done. You can give them a tug as well. Perfectly cooked ribs shouldn't allow the bone to just slide out (overly cooked and "mooshy") but should allow you to tear the meat between bones.
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Nice looking Ribs...
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Glad they turned out well for you.

I never use a thermo with ribs. I don't feel it's necessary. They will tell you when they are done by the amount of pullback from the bone as well as how much they bend when you pick them up with tongs.
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Hey no worries, if these were your 1st try at spareribs you did a bang-up job PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Nice looking veg packets too. Congratulations!
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Great job! Nothing like a happy ending to the story!
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What he said.

Congrats on your smoke Albee!
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Looks like quite a nice smoke glad everything came out good.
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Congrats on your first (of hopefully many) spares.
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