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char-griller company

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I have been trying to get some info from Char-griller, am interested in purchasing a model 1224. But the service and info e-mail addresses given on thier web sit don't seem to work. I'm wondering if they are still in business. I have looked in Lowes, target and wal-mart and they don't seem to have any char-grill products on hand. I guess they could just be out of stock?? I'd appreciate any info you guys have.
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I've had to call them on the phone a few times for parts and they were fast and helpful.
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char-griller company

Thanks for the quick reply, will call,
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I have found calling to be answered quickly. Emails go unanswered.
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They sell the char grillers all over the place out here. I had to call them once and someone actually answered and was very helpful.
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Just Ordered a Char-Griller Outlaw from Walmart Site to store free shipping. Took over a week, they were the only ones local that could get the outlaw.
Char-Griller does not respond to e-mail but was able to get them on the phone twice and seemed very nice.
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They've actually been courteous enough to call me back on more than one occasion. Never tried to email them.
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I bought mine on Amazon. Managed to get the Smokin'Pro, with Side Fire Box and the cover for $206.00! Just keep an eye out on Amazon.

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