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brisket ??'s

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I am planing on doing my first brisket this week for dinner. I want it to be sliced not pulled so should I cook it differently than I would for pulled pork?

The sticky for brisket is the same for pulled pork, I just want to make sure I don't cook the brisket so much that I cant slice it.

also is jeffs rub good on these??
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Personally I smoke brisket to 185-190 for slicing and I think Jeff's Time/Temp chart says 180. Jeff's rub is good on brisket in my opinion
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thanks piney are you goin to be doing a sausage making lesson at the camp out in Oct.??
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If we have people interested we could make some the equipment is there
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how was the turn out at the last one??
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Not bad each one seems to attract a bigger crowd lets hope it continues
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does it matter if the fat cap is up of down?
will it give it more flavor if the fat side is up so it can run down into the meat?
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i put fat cap up and take off at 180° for slicedPDT_Armataz_01_01.gif
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do I foil kie I would a butt at 165*?

and how did you get the degree symbol on you 180*?????
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I also like mine sliced. I foil at 165 degrees, pour in a little apple juice and rum mix and finish to 190. You won't be disappointed. Good luck.
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