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Spaghetti & Meatball Fattie, Round 2

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I did one of these before, but wanted to try it again. I thought the first attempt was pretty good, but it needed more spaghetti, and as much sauce as I dared add without risking a major blowout.

I used Italian sausage and pre-made frozen meatballs, and made the spaghetti as you normally would. I topped off the meatballs and noodles with a three-cheese spaghetti sauce and a mixture of parmesan and romano cheeses. After rolling, I sprinkled some Italian seasoning on the outside of the fattie and headed for the smoker.

The smoking took only about two hours at 225-240F over RO lump charcoal and apple wood chips.

Here's the Q-view:


Spaghetti noodles and meatballs applied:

Spaghetti sauce on top:

With cheese mixture sprinkled on:

Rolled up and ready for the smoker:

Finished fattie:

Sliced to reveal the innards:

To a plated slice of fattie, I added some extra warmed-up sauce on top and a sprinkle of parmesan-romano cheese. Sorry, didn't get a photo of one on a plate before the whole thing was devoured!!!
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great jobPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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All images moved or deleted. I take it you removed them, didn't turn out well huh. Sorry to see or should I say not see.
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Yes, you can't remove your images from Photobucket and still have them on line on this or any other forum....

Please re-post as I'd love to see it!
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Q-view Restored!

Restored the photos - I'm not sure what happened - they all were where I left them on Photobucket...
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Looks good Hokie! Nice job!
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Now thats a fine looking fattie nice job on the rolling of that monster I hope it came with some garlic bread.
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Way to go Hokie, that looked amazing.
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Sweet fattie. Good job outta you.
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