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for Johnsonville mild Italian sausage, and only being on the smoker for about 50 minutes it was very good.

The sauce on the sausage sandwich was a tweaked store bought marinara. icon_redface.gif

I sauteed some crushed garlic, onions, and green pepper, then deglazed the pan with some red wine, then dumped in the jar of marinara, and let is simmer on low for about an hour and a half.
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Very good. I'll have a plate just like yours. biggrin.gif
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you bet..

not pictured was the 4 ears of fresh, local sweet corn I ate as well. icon_smile.gif
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Wow, when it comes to making wings, you've certainly given me a new bar to shoot for. How hot were these? When I do wings I tend to make them pretty mild then serve a side sauce for those that like them hotter.

Welcome back to the Kettle. What'd you think? It was tough to tell from your picts. But it looked like you did a round of unrubbed wings too? True? What did you think?

Also, about that cucumber salad...recipie?
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the kettle worked great, and used very little fuel.

the wings were pretty hot, the brine had 1/4 cup of sriracha sauce in it as well as a pretty spicy rub. I rinsed the brine but loaded on the rub before going on the smoker. I didnt break out a bottle of hot sauce which is rare for wings and me. I was happy with the results overall.

The other wings were just brined in buttermilk, no spice for my 2.5 year old daughter..she loves chicken wings but not "spicy" ones. icon_smile.gif

my bad about not posting the recipe for the cucumber salad. It was great, reminded me of the cucumber sauce for gyros. Nice compliment to the wings and sausage. Also a nice tang from the cider, and some sweetness from the sugar.

Cucumber salad:

wet ingredients:
4 cloves of garlic - minced
7 pieces of dill taken off the stem, and chopped
1/4 cup cider vinegar
2 tsp sugar
black pepper & kosher salt to taste
1 cup sour cream
6 tbsp Kraft mayo

mixed this, and set it aside

sliced 3 cucumbers thin(picked at a local farm Saturday)
sliced 2 small onions thin(picked at a local farm Saturday)
sliced the green tops of the onions(picked at a local farm Saturday)

combined the above with the wet, and refrigerated for a few hours.
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Nice looking wings!
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thats whats for dinner tonight, well that and another Italian sausage sandwich...
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Wings looked really good.
Had heard of people letting chicken sit in buttermilk when frying but that sure made of r a gorgeous smoked wing.
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Great work, I think this is how im going to do the wings this weekend...
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I was happy with the results. Next time I will brine them longer. this time was only about 5 hours.
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What was the contents of the rub in the brine? and added to the chicken

Looks great!
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the rub was the basic McCormick pork rub tweaked with more garlic powder, yellow curry powder, more paprika, and weber cajun spice.
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How long did you smoke the wings for? Typical 1.5 hours?
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yes, about 90 minutes, and they were good to go.

sorry I didnt post the smoke time anywhere upthread, its always good to have the time as a measuring stick.
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Thanks but forgot to ask at what temp. 275?
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I wasnt using anything to gauge temp(broke my probe, and havent replaced it). I was using my Weber kettle set up as a smoker. Relying on the book I got the recipe from for how long to smoke them, and a test pull of a wing when they were close to being done & based on appearance, texture, and time they had been on. If I was to guess a temp I was probably around 250 - 260.
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Hmmmm! Just gotta ask

I have used a milk brine for smoking my game meats ( deer, antelope, bear, and javalina, etc.) for many years. It helps remove the gamey taste and acts as a tenderizer.
I have never considered it for poultry because it does not need tenderizing.
What is the primary purpose of the buttermilk, in your opinion, flavor or what?
You have my curiosity as to the benefit objective. TIA.

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gives the chicken meat a tang, I think much like when some folks soak chicken in buttermilk before breading/battering & then deep frying.
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