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Smoked meat loaf?

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Has anyone every made up some meatloaves and frozen them (raw) to be cooked another day? Wondering if there is much of a differance?
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if the burger wasn't frozen before i see no problem with pre making a loaf and freezing it
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I've always got meatloaf mix in the freezer. I don't shape it until it's thawed, that way I can chose what size I want to do that day. I haven't noticed any difference in taste between frozen/thawed mix and freshly mixed.
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I've premade meatloaf and frozen before (for later cooking in the oven) and there was no difference in taste. I did not put any sauce on the outside while freezing.
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The freezing won't affect the taste,unless its in too long, freezerburn. Where you might notice a difference is the moisture content. Freezing and thawing causes moisture to be lost from the meat,but if you are putting a sauce of some kind inside or on top of your loaf ? It'll probably not matter much. So freeze on! just not too long.
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steve - you shouldn't ahve any troubles at all - burger gets plenty of moisture and any kind of sauce at all will of course keep things even juicier. the only thing to be careful of is of course freezer burn!

now, if you are talking about freezing meatloaf with any types of stuffing (similar to making a fatty, then of course some foods don't freeze/thaw and cook well. RIVET can name several, but the ones that pop into my head are potato, mushrooms and i think tomatoes.
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Exactly, comes out fine every time!
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Personally, I have not been able to notice any difference. Smoke on.
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You know, I'm an engineer, and as such, I seek the most complicated ways to do things. Instead of freezing them raw, and cooking as needed, I guess I'll make them up, cook them, and thaw as needed.
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ive done it before with grass fed meat... got a lil dry so i put some bacon over the top... wonderful...
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cool hope it works out good!Hows it go'en Steve!
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Good Ron. How's your business going?
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We have done it with no problems.
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Hey Steve!

Thanks for asking! It's been going really good, God's been blessing us big time, it's very cool :) I've actually been making more money then at my old job AND I love my job now biggrin.gif
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Amen Ron. A company I worked for 8 yrs ago went out of business with no notice to the employees. One of my co-workers shrugged his shoulders and said "One door closes, and another door opens." It led to a path where he and I work together again, with much better pay and benefits. Glad to see it held true for you too.
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cool you guys even work together again, that's great!
Thanks,yes, so many said that to me, I kept thinking 'how can this come out good?'. But it did :)
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