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This is a must see!

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Everyone needs to take a look at this.
Take the time to watch the video to understand what is happening.
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I feel people who file foolish lawsuits(and thier legal council) should be fined severely! for wasteing our time! mad.gif
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Thanks for posting that PignIt. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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The scary thing is this has already held in two court decisions and is going to the supreme court. Think about that!
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That SUCKS ... !!!!!!!
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NO what is really sad is that we are paying for them (the aclu) to try and tear down this one and many like it. We have and continue to pay the aclu to sue for this bull *%^#)t like this cross and alot more. I come from along line of servicemen and have a son going to Iraq again in December and there is nothing that makes me madder than bs like this. I -We are so proud of everyone who has ever wore the colors of the red white and blue and fought or even been there to give all of us the freedoms we have in this great nation.
Sorry for rantting on but this really gets my panties in a wad.

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What is this country comin to?! Fer to long now a few folks er tellin the rest of us what we should beleive an what we can do. Time to put a stop to bul*sh*t like this folks, soon ya ain't gonna have nothin left.
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Hell ya, I agree 100%
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Disgraceful. Thanks for bringing this to my attention Dave.
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Lets get that petition signed and hope for the best. I am tired or watching our country being torn down piece by piece. The Communists have taken over our government, and we will have to work together to get them thrown out!
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