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Pulled Pork shoulder

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I started a Pork shoulder than I'm going to pull, sometime tonight or in the morning. I was wondering though, when the temp hits 190 internal should I just remove it from the heat wrap it in foil then put in a cooler for about 1-2 hours, or should I cook it some in the foil, like I usually do when pulling a beef roast?
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I wrap in foil at 165 with some apply juice. Then take to 205 then rest in a cooler for a few hours. You dont get as nice of a bark this way but I like it.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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like brian said, 165 to 170 put in foil, should have pretty good bark formed by then and should last thru the foil stage fine... add some mop or juice whatever you were using during the smoke and seal it up in the foil and take to 200 or so. wrap in towels and into a dry cooler. leave in cooler for at least a couple hours. it would be fine to leave it set til morning if you want to take a nap. it will still be hot in morning. the cooler is your friend!!! dont forget about a finishing sauce when you pull and serve it.
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What Brian and Erain said works for me too.
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Thanks, hopefully it hits 170 soon, I getting tired and am ready to wrap this thing....This shoulder was thicker than I thought and only at 155 after 6.5 hours.

I've already made Rivets finishing sauce that I'm going to use on it later today.
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Like they all said 165 then in foil and take it to 200-205 then the cooler. Enjoy
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Pretty much same as everone else but I wrap at 155. Just a matter of taste so enjoy!
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I agree with everyone else. You may have a difficult time pulling at 190*, so take it over 200 to pull it.
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