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Ribs, Ribs & more Ribs

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Haven't been around much lately 'cause i've been busy here at the house and at work, first full weekend off for a month, so anyways i am going to do some ribs tommorrow found some good deals today on our adventures...i got six racks of pork ribs not a meaty as i like but they were .99 a lb...we went to waly world and they had the frozen double packs of spares on special for 1.29 a lb so i got 6 of them and a rack of marked down BB...so i'm loaded..

any ways i'm doing 2 racks of pork ribs and a rack of BB's tommorrow. just got done prepping with lysanders spicy bourbon rub, this stuff is terrific, and wrapped them up and into the fridge

i'll be puting the BB's on early because the regular pork ribs i did a couple of weeks ago were done in like 3.5 hours so i'll put them in when i foil the BB's

good to see so many new members..like i said i haven't been able to hang as much as iwould like to but gotta get it while the gettin' is good
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What time is dinner and I didnt get the directions yet can you resend PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

Cant wait to see them finished.
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Just follow your nose
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You had me at ribs....biggrin.gif
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Looks like a great start PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Nice! Looking forward to seeing the finished qview.
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I am already salivating and anticipating the QViews. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Dang those look like they are going to be good eats.
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Good to know your still around my friend, those are some good looking ribs. Enjoy.
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Got a start now lets see the finish! I may have to look ya up ! YUM
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i love the smell of ribs in the morning

just took the ribs out of LuLu to foil and give you guys your fix of q-view.. they are looking mighty tasty and smell divine..another 2.5 hours and i'll be in rib overload....i smothered them with Dr. Pepper before wrapping them up and will glaze them with Maple syrup and butter

will get some more pics before they are devoured, i hope everyones foaming at the mouth now,

weather here is extremly perfect..74 and sunny with mild humidity so out to the yard for some mowing and trimming
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The ribs are done, I'm full, I'm taking a nap!!!

well here's the finished product..and talk about delicious. had sides of watermelon and cantalope and still have a couple for the lunch bucket tommorrow

now is the time to start planning for a huge Labor day smoke where as thats all that will be done starting sunday morning.. thinking brisket, ribs,a chuck roll and chicken but don't know yet i want to do something different that will blow my taste buds away.. got some ideas but nothing definant yet
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Awesome, those look Great.
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Nice lookin ribs LS!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Man Those Thiings Look Great!
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How was that rub you used? I've seen it around my stores here too but have been holding off on buying it as most store bought rubs seems too damn salty.
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i love the lysanders brand rubs..to me it was just perfect but what is great to me might be too salty to you..i really like their bourbon line of rubs
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Those look awesome!
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Congrats on that mess o ribs!
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