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Pork, Pork, ah more Pork

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Pork, Pork, ah More Pork

Sandy wanted PP for Supper tonight so I got up at 4:30 am and tossed on a simple breakfast fatty made with homemade pork breakfast sage sausage, and stuffed with my own CB, eggs, co jack cheese. To be honest I didn’t firm up the sausage enough after rolling out in the freezer and it was falling apart only to be saved by the strip bacon weave, making it look much better than it was. This was followed by country pork ribs I rubbed down with Ricks KC Rib Rub the night before for lunch. Last but not least was a 10lb pork butt rubbed down with the same Rib Rub and injected with 2 TBS of the rub to a Cup of Apple Juice and placed in the fridge to marinate all night. The wood of choice was Pecan and Pear. Temps in the smoker ran 225-250. The fatty was pulled off with internal temp of 160. The Butt was wrapped at internal temp of 155 and taken off at 208.
Pics are below for this smoke.

Prep the night before:

All is on the smoker. We had a rain storm the night before and my pear wood was damp hence the heavy smoke which was evident for 15 minutes after each wood load. There were no ill effects that I could tell.

Breakfast served:

Lunch is served:

Supper is served:

Plate with flour tortilla sammy:

Top it all off with a fresh peach Daiquiri: I may be porked out for the day!

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Looking good Rick. Please pass a Daiquiri:.
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That's some damn good looking pork!
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Great Qview, pass the Daiquiri please!

I'd have eaten that fattie by myself and all of the lunch. By dinner I'd need a crane to get to the supper table. Who am I kidding I'd crawl if I had to. Nice looking Pork. Great smoke rings.

The tortilla plate is almost overkill. biggrin.gif
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It all looks fantastic Rick PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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If Monet had seen that Qview He would have given up painting and taken up hunting. And may I say your smoker reminds me of a survivor 68 GTX. It just gives me the same goose bumps, that's all.
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Ahhh....Great Pork. May I have more pork at my table please? PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Thanks for the Qview too!
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What time is Breakfast at your house? Looks Great, bet it didn't last long
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Wow Rick!
I love the beautiful all day full meal smoke.
They should have sent a poet.
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Dang, you just hit my taste buds with a bomb. It's all good my friend.
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Now that was a great day of pork. I love every morsal of every hunk of pork. Kinda makes you want to grow a snout.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice! Everything looks great Rick. I'll take some of everything, including a Daiquiri: biggrin.gif
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Nice looking smoke Shooter!
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