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The Bacon Lovers Bacontastic Bacon Bomb Fattie w/Qview

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I decided to make the healthiest fattie I could think of... a bacontastic bacon bomb fattie! icon_wink.gif

I crisped up some bacon and ham pieces for the inside. Also added some shredded Tillamook medium cheddar and fresh ground black pepper.
Wrapped all that with bacon sausage.
Then wrapped all that with a bacon weave and seasoned with bacon salt.

Then smoked it over 50% hickory, 50% pecan for 3 hours.

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That looks alittle baconlashious. It mite clogged every last artetry in my nice and plumb body but I bet it will taste good. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Bravo my good man, Bravo!
Bacon with bacon and some more bacon. Pork and bacon sausage? Wow!
When I saw the post I wondered if by some chance you would include Bacon Salt and you did!
Points, points and more points if I could.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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As Emeril says "Pork Fat Rules". It looks mighty good to me. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifpoints.gif
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Thanks, Fire it up! I appreciate it!

I figured what goes well with bacon? Hmm... more bacon!
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Nothin like meat wrapped with meat wrapped in meat.


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I just love the idea of the above.. pork stuffed with pork wrapped in pork.. I just did a loin on the grill that was similar,.. but yours takes the hog! crispy and bacolishious! fastasmagoric!

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So... it turns out everybody who tried it, loved it. My dad said, "Wow, this is great." Even my sister-in-law who isn't a big meat fan loved it! Best tasting fattie I've made so far.
Can't beat BACON, BACON, and more BACON!!!

I'm also the guy who made the bacon-infused bourbon, which I posted in another thread. I might just be a baconaholic.
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I have chest pains looking at that, and it feels good!
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bob - you are a hero, an icon - a pioneer and a patriot.

you rock!
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Wow and a woo-hoo to you!!

That is a work of art and bacontastically porkalicious PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Major points to you, MisterBobpoints.gif
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Haha, thanks for all the kind comments, guys!


Can't go wrong with bacon...
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All-American health food right here.
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bacontastically, porkalicious, baconaholic, bacolishious, fastasmagoric,

I gotta get a new up to date dictionary. LOLicon_smile.gificon_smile.gificon_smile.gif
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Wow...bacon sausage and bacon salt to top it all off! Man.
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That is the banquet of my eyes, congrats on a great smoke and Q too. Very nice follow through on the pics. Points to you for the meat lovers delight!
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Okay I gave you points.gif for that awesome fattie.

I am a little disapointed that you didn't serve it with bacon bits biggrin.gif
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bacon bacon bacon i love bacon
what a fatty points.gifto ya on bacon
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I knew I forgot something! Guess I better make another one ASAP. biggrin.gif

Thanks Morkdach!
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Mista Bob,

I just got two things to say to you for this one...
  1. MMMMMMmmmmm Bacon!
  2. Points points.gif
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