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Spares and Shoulder w/Progres and Questions

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Hey all,

So I got my birthday party coming up this Sunday, and have invited my parents, brother's family, sister's family, and in-laws. Thank you by the way for those of you who've helped me prepare for this feast.

Anyways, so I got 3.5 slabs of spares and a 3 pound pork shoulder that I'm presmoking for tomorrow. As you can tell from my pictures below, I already have limited space in the GOSM, so I plan on smoking ABTs tomorrow, and finishing the ribs on the grill with a glaze recipe I found.

My question is - I'm planning to do the spares the 3-2-1 method, however, since I'm using a rib rack and they are stacked vertically, once it comes time to foil them, I'm thinking about removing the rib racks, foiling the ribs and stacking some on top of each other while they braise. Is that OK to do, since the smoke has already done its job? And also, can I stack them for the last hour while they're naked, so I dont' have to get the rack out again? Thanks so much!!!


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If it was me doing this smoke, the first thing I'd do is make sure that you get rub on the edges of those ribs. Next I would put 2 racks of ribs in each slot. By what I see in the pics, it appears that you have the room, just lean one to the left and one to the right. Stacking them would be ok, imo after you foil. For the last hour just put em back in the racks. Looks like it's going to be a great smoke. Enjoy!

Forgot to add: I don't do the last hour unfoiled. I basically do a 3-2-0 and call it good.
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I dont see a problem with stacking them while they are foiled. As for the last hour I think they may be so tender that if you put them in the rib rack they may fall apart.
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Thanks guys - I will stack them in that case. If I plan on finishing them tomorrow on the grill, should I only go about 30 minutes for the 3-2-1 after removing from the foil? I plan on letting them cool off when they're done, and then toss in the fridge in a plastic storage bag until tomorrow.

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You may find them done after the 2 hr braise. If you have between 1/4"-1/2" pull back on the meat, they're done. 30 minutes on the grill is a bit much, imo.
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I would as I said earily foil them 2 at a time for the second leg of their journey to yummyland. Do you have the use of a pasta pot or steamer that you can use to re-heat them. It really works well on chicken and pp and won't let them dry out.
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Ok - so I smoked the spares for 3 hours at 225, then foiled for 1 hour. I also left 1 half slab unfoiled. 2 of the foiled slabs have their bones completely showing lenghtwise, which I'm kinda not liking, but the other ones are looking great. The pork shoulder is also looking awesome:


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Everything's looking great! Nice job! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Looking forward to seeing the finished qview.
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YUM YUM, What time's Dinner? biggrin.gifPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Heating the ribs back up on the grill works great. Just make sure not to let them cook. All they need is warming back up and if you use sauce on them.... let it caramalize and they are good to go. Everything looks great.
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