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I work next door to a custom cabinet shop. never thought about checkin it out for scrapwood. might be a good sorce of cheap exsotic woods.
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I wish I would have read this thread half an hour ago.. I just ordewred wild cherry, sugar maple, and hickory on line. almost got alde insted of the hickory and would have if I saw this first..

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I would probably shy away from scrapwood as many times lumbermills will put in chemicals to help prevent wood from rotting, etc. that I wouldn't want to have floating around in my smoker. I'd probably either find some naturally if you are in an area that has alder trees or buy some that's meant for smoking. Good luck.
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Cabinet shops don't and won't use treated woods for the construction of there millworks-I don't think theres a building code in the country that would allow it-sure pressure treated lumber is used in the construction of many homes-the norm is where it will meet concrete,and that will be in the form of 2x4's-2x6's ETC,which of course one wouldn't want to use in a smoker.Cabinet grade hardwoods are either air or kiln dried and in almost all cases would be fine for useing in the smoker-It would be the same as going into your local depot store and buying a board of Oak or Hickory from them.
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I think that thundering sound you hear is a bunch of SMF'ers heading out for their nearest cabinetmakers shop. I gotta find out where that one guy moved to. He made alot of stuff out of cherry. Thanks for clearing up that misconception.
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I smoked some squrrels with Alder before...that was about the best varment I ever had...
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might you be a racer from canadia. I work for a canadian race track owner during the summer months(how can you make your race cars go fast with square wheels?)
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