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Backcountry that was some funny stuff about your better half eating that ABT. I have similar story about this happening.

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Wow Alx that is a huge pepper there. I just smoke them alittle longer to hopefully cook some of the heat out. I don't wrap bacon I cut them long ways and lay bacon over the jap. If you wrap them you won't smoke the whole jap just the part that is exposed to the heat. No matter I still love them and that little pink pill.
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Also, someone on here suggested that after taking out the seeds and the veins you soak in sprite or diet sprite overnight. i did that last time and they were much milder and you could eat alot of them. My first few times they were wicked hot, which i like, but, many guests were turning RED.

try the sprite soak. i did mine overnight and that takes alot of the heat out.
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Well this don't do much fer the store bought ones, but if grown yer own the site I bought mine frome suggestes that fer hotter peppers, hold back on waterin ta the point they will wilt a bit, fer milder pepper, water often.

The ones at the store perty much just luck a the draw, sometimes there hot, sometimes they ain't. Clean em well an smoke em long.
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The easeiest tool to get rid of the Veins, ribs or the assorted white stufff and seeds in one swoop is called a melon baller

Heres a link to one..
till I figgur out how to post a photo..
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I made some abt's for the first time this weekend and was disappointed in how little heat there was after cooking.
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try this next time: icon_smile.gif

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I did a batch of 20 ABT's this weekend...along with a fattie.

Both went on @ 11:15 am, smoker was pre-heated to 250°

Fattie hit 161° in two hours, so I took everything off. ABT's tasted awesome but there was zero heat. I didn't mind...

I think next time, I'll add ground cayenne pepper to the cream cheese filling, so that there is a little bit of zing.

I guess you could not cook them so long if you like more heat, but then the peppers dont get soft enough for my liking...which is why I think I'll add the cayenne to the filling.

BTW - fattie? Did NOT explode!!!! Lol - that's the first time I've accomplished this. Thanks to all who helped me with pro-tips when I posted something about this last month. Kept it simple: Farmland pork sausage, stuffed with shredded sharp cheddar, sautéd onions, garlic and seasonings like CBP and Tony C's.

I took the fattie and the ABT's to a 40-person cookout was for my wife's grandmother's 80th b-day surprise.

All of my smoked goodness disappeared before anyone had a chance to get up for 2nds!
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I also tried them for the first time this past weekend. I cut them in half and took out the seeds and veins. Boy were they hot. I wrapped them in bacon so I'm going to give the spite soak and just laying the bacon on the top. Thanks to everyone for the pointers!
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The jalapenos are hit or miss aroung here - some will rip your face off, and others are quite mild... the problem is you won't know until you take the leap.

I have used the diet sprite trick and it worked fine.
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Trade ya! Seems it is hit or miss.
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i have been making some every weekend past few weeks from the ones in the garden. they have not been hot at all. wife says they are but shes kinda got a sensitive stomach. i haven't tried one straight to see if they are hot so maybe they are just kinda mild.

i de-seed then get the vien, then soak in water for just alittle while, not long. last ones maybe 10 minutes while i mixed the cream cheese.
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Around here it's easy to figure out( at least so far).. The little ones are hot and the big ones are not.biggrin.gif
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I agree with Heliboy on removing the vein...I use a very small melon baller, and it does trick quite nicely.
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Earlier this year I planted some False Alarm japs that I grew from seeds that I got from Burpee. They are supposed to be not hot. I picked 5 the other day and out of the 5, one of them was hot, the other 4 were not hot at all. Just thought I'd mention that for anyone wanting to grow their own and not deal with having to do anything extra to them to take the heat away.
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