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basic marinade question

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When marinading, do you poke holes in the meat prior to putting it in the marinade? The thought behind this is that it would allow the marinade into the meat for better flavor.

Then again, I'm new to all this , so what do I know?
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The meat will absorb the marinade without poking holes in it. If your gonna poke holes in it then just inject it.
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I never do. Puncturing the meat just increases the risk for contamination, unless sterile tools are used. Even when injecting a marinade, you should be sure to keep everything sterile, as you should with sausage making.

The marinade will pass into the surface of the meat, but, don't expect deep penetration without long exposure (12-24 hrs).

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never poke your meat ( you'll go blind)meat will take on marinade without poking-poking will extract the juice instead of leaving it in the meat= dry meat-Injecting is a good way to go small hole and liqued added if a thick cut-If thin cut just a 24 hr marinade will do.
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Words of wisdom and simplicity.
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After this many years, if I was gonna go blind, I would be there alreadyicon_redface.gif...

Thanks for the responses. I'll marninade without holing the meat.
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