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Bone in or boneless?

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For a pork shoulder is it better to get bone in or boneless? I know I can get boneless cryo bags at Costco, but it seems like some of it over cooks since it is thinner.
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I always go with bone in anything. Except hot dogs and bologna.
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The bigger the bone, the better the taste.
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Likewise... bone.... adds to the taste as well as helps cook from the inside out to a certain degree.
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I take bone-in, if I have a choice. Flavor is so much better...even with pork chops or steaks, you'll notice a big difference.

Happy smokes!

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What ^^^^^^^they said.
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Yeah bone in is a little better. But boneless is still so good I wouldn't pass it up.
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somewhat off topic, but close......

when it comes to splitting a shoulder in half, how do you go about this if it has the bone in?
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Unless you have a band saw or one of those butcher's bone saw, I would imagine you'd just have to work around the bone. I've never found it necessary to cut one in half.
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I always go bone in. It pulls out very easily after smoking.
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Bone-in is always tastier, although it may take longer to smoke. As far as overcooking is concerned, use a meat probe to control the cooking temp, you'll get the meat cooked to where you like it.
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I have smoked several costco boneless shoulders...

In fact, I smoked three of them for a July 4 party for over 100 people who thought it was the best BBQ pork they had ever had. In my opinion, none of it overcooked or dried out. I cooked it to 165, double foiled it, took it to 200, and it was just as moist and juicy as any bone-in.

That being said, bone-in shoulder is definitely going to have that added flavor that only the bone can provide. It's subtle, but it's definitely there.

Either way, you can't go wrong. The bone is good, but the THIN BLUE SMOKE is what makes it special. NEVER forget that.

Good luck!
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The temps were good, it was just the areas where the meat had been cut to remove the bone created some uneaven thicknesses. So some of the thin pointy areas were just a little dry. Rest of stayed moist and pulled well.

Based on the feedback I will definatel do bone in now PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Thanks all!
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I would agree that the taste difference is somewhat subtle. However, there is just no better feeling than sliding that bone right out...nice and clean after a successful smoke.
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Bone out for:

More surface area for the brine / rub to get to. Less cooking time, as you dont have to heat the bone up. I always go bone out mainly because I dont want to pay for it, and therefore I can buy a higher quality meat which also give better flavour.

Bone it for:

^^^^^ What they said. ^^^^^^^ :D
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Bone in. However, once in a while I only have 6 - 7 hours to do pulled pork...when a 9-10 lb. bone in shoulder will take me damn near 10 hours at a 240° average.

For these times, as soon as I take it from the package, I use a very thin and flexible filet knife to cut around the bone and remove it. I've gotten decent at it so that I hardly remove any meat...just the bone.

Then I cut the shoulder into 2 pieces, as close to equal size as possible. Trim the fat so I don't lose the chance at even more bark, rub and smoke!

I can get it done in 6 hours and then an hour in the cooler...mmmmmm.
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