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My favorite combo, Ribs, Thighs, & Wings with Qview!

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This is last weekend's smoke. I cut down some spares and rubbed up some thighs and wings. I am smoking the tips and skirt meat for a batch of Dutch's Wicked Beans to take camping soon. I made the beans last weekend in the crock and it was fantastic! I was then put in charge of a batch for camping so I'm gonna do them the right way.

On goes the pork.

Ready for foil and thighs & wings go on. I double foil my ribs, I think they keep together better that way.

Ribs done, fall off the bone!

I threw the thighs and wings on the old Kenmore gasser to carmalize the sauce and crisp up the skin.

All the goodies plated. I love wings! You can see I dipped into the blue cheese and had one before I even took the pic.

Had plenty of leftovers (no wings of course!) so I sealed em up.

The finished pile of tip & skirt meat. Well, OK a few pieces of skirt went missing.

Hope you enjoyed!
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Looks great Billbo, one hell of a fine feast.
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Nice smoke! And, planning ahead always makes for happy future meals.

Thanks for sharing

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Dog gone Biilbo what a feast, great job.
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That looked like a fine job. Those chopped up tip and skirts, and the thought of those beans started my mouth watering
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Looks like a mighty fine meal there. Keep posting those wings guys. I'll buckle shortly... biggrin.gif
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Very nice looking Some of the best smoked wings on here I have seen. I have to say..PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Thanks BBrock! That was my third batch and by far the best. Next batch will be brined to get more of that fall off the bone thing going. Stay tuned!
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Great job it all looks good.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks delicious Billbo. Congratulations on another successful smoke.
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The feast looks great, got any left?
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Thats some might fine lookin food there billbo. Are those packages for sending to your new friends ? wink wink PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif
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Sorry guys. I only have one of those packs left. Looks like I'll have to eat it by myself.biggrin.gif
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