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searing meat

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I have a problem, i cant get sear marks on my steak, i have tried every method i know of, threezone fire, high heat to indirect high heat, etc, i usually pre heat my gas grill 20 minutes till' it is scorching, nothing, i have tried every thing on my weber kettle and no luck, closest thing i get is a few faded lines, nothing to be proud of though, also i sear for 4-5 minutes each side.

how do i get the grill marks!
Grilled and confused
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I have the same problem. The grill needs to be ultra-hot (700-800*)for the marks to show very well. If I try to just cook the meat med/low and then sear, won't work...the whole piece of meat will brown. If your grill is exposed to some wind, you may not be able to get it hot enough.

I now have a cast iron grill/griddle for a burner top, and I think that would work much better, as alot less radiant heat will contact the surface of the meat. This should allow a nice set of sear marks...then toss over coals or just finish it on the C/I grill. I haven't even used this piece it 2-1/2 months ago. Maybe I'll give it a shot for my next steak or chop burn.

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what he ^^^ said.

go and get yourself some CI...
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One method that I have heard about but never tried is taking an electric charcoal lighter and using it as a branding iron to make your grill marks.

It sounds like it would work if you need the grill marks.
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Get one of those big giant SHARPIES and draw them on there. LOL

I have used my rectangular cast iron griddle with much success in getting sear marks. I run it right along side the grilling chamber. One side for cooking the steaks, the other is set on high and I set them on there just a few minutes before serving. Works pretty well.
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I don't know why you are having problems. I have a basic Weber genesis B 3 burner gas grill. I do give my meats a little coating in olive oil before heating the heat. I get clean grill marks without a problem. Basic steak is done 2 min, 90* turn, 2 min then flip and repeat. Nice cross hatch marks every time. My Weber came with cast iron grates but I found there was no way to keep them seasoned since the high heat would burn it off. I removed them and replaced with stainless steel. They clean up better, but do not hold heat as well. It has not posed a problem cooking at high heat or indirect heat. Get grill marks with the stainless as well as with the cast iron.
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I am not sure what the problem is. I sure don't need temps of 700 - 800 to get sear marks on my steaks. I use a basic webber charcoal kettle. I light a batch of coals in my chimney starter, when glowing I lay them out in the kettle, I put the lid on for a few minutes while I get the steaks, and I sear them for about 2 minutes on each side. I even cross hatch them, one minute at one angle, then the 2nd minute at the other angle. I always get very nice sear marks on my steaks. Not sure why you can't seem to oull it off. Wish I could of been more help.
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If your steaks are moist/wet with water you usually won't get good sear marks because the meat is not cooking by heat but rather by steam.
Try patting your steaks with a paper towel so that there is no water and they are dry. Maybe this will help you.biggrin.gif
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high heat and an olive oil coat work very well......
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I rub mine with Youshidas Soy, garlic and lemon pepper.

Here is the results from my Weber gas.

Temp wise it is HOT, pegs the stock therm. I can only sear for a couple of minutes or they will be well done in no time.

I would also think it may be the steak not having enough marbeling, driping fat = fire = sear. If I get a lean one I will rub with olive oil.
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