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Re-match: Brisket vs Smoke Vault- qview heavy

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I found a nice on while I was on a day trip last friday.

I wanted to duplicate the trimmed/seperated brisket I smoked a couple weeks ago soooooo bad, so here goes.

Rubbed with onion powder, chili powder, garlic powder, paprika, powdered black pepper, and powdered kosher salt:

They're in the Vault with the Flat on the 5th rack @ 225*, and the Point on the 4th rack @ 255*. I don't know why my rack temps are different today, but I wanted to try to get the Point done sooner for a late lunch if possible...we'll see.

I'll brase with a juice after the stall like with the last run.

Back with more as they progress through their journey!


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Good Luck Eric. I assume you've calibrated your thermos? That is a big difference in temps for such a small area of difference.
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Thanks, Dude. These temps are with digitals, so they should be pretty accurate. I did wrap the leads with foil, also.

I just realized what time it is right now, and I got a later start than I planned (worked about 4 hours later than normal yesterday and didn't feel like moving much when I woke up) may be a bit of a late night, but I have 2 days to play in the thin blue!biggrin.gif

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Good luck Eric!
Hope you don't stall too bad. Mine was 3 hours of waiting, obviously worth it in the end but man, sure can toy with you for a while.
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Lookin good so far, can't wait for the finished product....tongue.gif
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Just FYI, I've had my digital Maverick ET-73 off before. By 20* even. Went and bought new replacement probes and all was better. The guy where I bought them said if they hit 300* they can get way off.
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Looking good so far!
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I did a boil test on the probes before sticking into the meat and they both showed 208* @ 4,700 feet elevation and clear weather, so they must be real close.

I figured out what caused the large variation...the point laying on next rack below the flat was catching most ot the heat, because of it's large size. I noticed this when I put full size steam pans in, also. I have to put the biggest stuff towards the top to keep the heat flowing better through the chamber.

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Here's an update.

Rack temps @ 1-1/4 hours were (flat/point), this was a peak reading:

Temps fluctuated a bit, +/- about 20* on each rack.

Here's the beef, just prior to stabbing with probes.
I/T was 135* on the Flat and 141* on the Point @ 2:55 into the smoke:

The Vault looked too empty, so I had to throw in some home-made pork/beans/lentels (another thread):

I/T's are coming up close to stall temps pretty fast, so the stall may not be as long as I planned for...I'll find out soon enough.

Just checked my thermo alarm, flat just hit 140* @ 3:15 into the smoke.

More to follow.

Thanks everyone!

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The stall is here.......

We stalled about 4:15 into the smoke, over an hour ago. The Point started @ 151*, the Flat @ 150*. I/T's are running pretty close together...that will likely change after they wake up from their nap in the thin blue.

I/T's (Point/Flat):

Rack temps are hotter on the left end end, so that's where I placed the heaviest potions of the two cuts.

Left end:

Right end:

So far, so good:

I made the mistake of pulling my thermo lead too tight when I put the roaster full of beans in and stabbed the beef...I had the meat on the 4th and 5th racks, but, moved them to the 1st and 2nd racks to fit the roaster in and also not baffle the heat going to the meat racks.

The probe head with the timer running took a fall, and one battery popped out, so I lost the timer function and had to reset it. Made me think for a bit to remember what the timer was showing before it dropped. PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif Watch your probe leads when making changes to the smoke...I made this mistake a few times in the past several months...these Accurite digi heads must be pretty tough!

Back later with brasing and the finish!

Thanks for peekin'!

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Somebody is getting addicted to some brisket can't say I blame ya. Nice work so far.
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Update: learning curve bit me a little

Thanks Rick...I definately have a craving! My first point/flat seperation was too good not to try again...the sooner the better!biggrin.gif

Update @ 7-1/2 hours into the smoke:

The plateau ran almost 2-3/4 hours, so, not too bad. The point started waking up before the flat, as expected.

I had to move the racks of beef back to the top, and the roaster of beans down lower. The I/T's in the center sections of the point and flat were lagging behind by around 10*, due to higher end temps/lower center temps on the racks.

I should be about ready to brase in about 1/2 hour.

Here we are @ 163-174* in the point, and 161-169* in the flat:

The beans are now uncovered for their final cooking stage. These are my first attempt at home-made, I'll get that thread and recipe/process posted up when they are ready for the plate.

Thanks, All!

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Brazing now, waiting for the finish

I pulled the Point @ 176-181*, and the Flat @ 168-172* I/T.

Panned-up with 7 oz Pineapple Juice from the pork, beans & lentils:

Back with the finish ASAP!


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Nice job Eric. Briskets are looking great...
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The finale is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG!!!!!!!! I don't think I'll ever pull a Brisket again!

Sliced just does it for me, no comparison...melt in your mouth!

This is every bit as good as the first one I did with these methods 2 weeks ago.

The Point, after hitting 202* and resting for 30 minutes (I'm saving the Flat for later):

I think I can safely say that I'm officially addicted to brisket now!

I could do one a month and not get tired of this stuff......

That was fun, and now I'm done! Heh-heh!
Now, if I could just stop eating long enough to start my beans thread...PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif

Thanks everyone!

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Great Qview man Looks great!!points.gif
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Great job Eric! Your narratives and QViews make for fun /informative readings.
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I knew it
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Thanks, Ron! I really enjoyed this smoke. I think the more fun you can have doing something, the better it it will be in the end.

Thanks, Opd! I have a blast posting my smokes...I guess you tell, I like to share the fun with all my friends here, too.

Yeah, it's a done turning back now. I'll probably try to keep at least one brisket in the Q-freezer all the time for when I think I might fall off the wagon!biggrin.gif

I may be addicted, but I won't be going to any meetings or support groups! Heh-heh... The only support I need is here at home and on the forum...and they're always waiting for what I'll come up with next.

I just got done eating the last of the sliced point for lunch a couple hours ago. It's just as good as lastnight's feast. Tonight, it's toasted hoagies with sliced brisket flat and provolone cheese icon_mrgreen.gif !!! I think the leftover brisket will go into the freezer tonight for when I get the itch!

Thanks Everyone!

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