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What salt to use

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I've been reading a number of sausage recipies and when they mention salt they don't say what kind. Now I don't use regular table salt at all anymore. pretty much stick to Kosher. What if I'm making Italian and what to smoke them? Do I have to use a curing salt or prauge powder. What salts will work? Kosher, Pickling, Mortons tender quick? A little confusedicon_question.gif
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You want to use a non-iodized salt like canning or kosher salt. Italian sausage is typically a fresh sausage, so you would need to add curing salt like prague power #1 along with you regular salt. The prague powder or instacure #1 is mixed 2 tsp. per 10 lbs. of meat, the salt content will vary depending on the recipe, between 3-8 oz's for the same 10 lbs.
I hope this helps to clear it up some for ya.
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Like McG said, Italian sausage is typically a fresh sausage. The recipie I have calls for kosher salt. If you are making a sausage that you wish to cure/smoke the cure should be added in addition to the salt....The cure I use has salt and sodium nitrite (6.25%) I did make some old world itallian sausage that was stuffed and cured. See this link
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If ya gonna cold smoke it , cure it. Pickling salt finer and should mix easier than kosher or other non iodized salt.
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Personally I've been just using kosher salt since I already have it. The finer might be better so maybe I'll try it thanks. I only add cure if I'm going to cold smoke the sausage if I'm hot smoking it I don't bother and its not needed in fresh sausages either
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I personally use Kosher salt. I also take whatever amount I need and run it thru a coffee grinder to make it a bit finer. But the way it is will work too. If I could make a suggestion, and Im sure most of the seasoned members here will agree with me, get yourself a copy of Rytek's book, the 4th edition. The bible when it comes to making sausage. Very well written and easily understood.
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Thanks Meat Hunter. I was going to ask what people thought of Ryteks books.
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Some good info on salt

Here is the link to a great site I have come to love regarding sausage. I have bought Mr. Marianski's book and it makes a great companion to Kutas' on my shelf. It is also a bit more informative in many ways. Much of the content of the book is on the website but I recommend the book too. I use Kosher salt in sausage. Add curing salt only if smoking it. Here is the link:
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