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Will these Spares be good 5 days later?

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So Jewel-Osco had a sale on Spare Ribs, 1.49/lb for non-trimmed regular spares. I picked up about 4 pounds, and asked the meat department if they had anymore. It turns out that's the last pieces they had, and all they had left was the St. Louis cut Spare ribs for 4.99/lb. I talked to the lady and she sold me the last 3 slabs of the St. Louis cut for the 1.49/lb price, which I thought was unbeatable. My question is - I will be cooking for about 10 people this Sunday and it's only Tuesday night, will these ribs stay good in the fridge until Saturday night, when I plan on rubbing them down for the early Sunday smoke?

Thanks all,

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IMHO, They should be fine for you to rub sat an smoke sun.
i have held them in the cryovac for 6 days b4 opening.
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The thing is - they are not cryovaced, but are wrapped in ceran wrap/butcher paper. Will they still be OK, or should I freeze or pre-smoke them? What do y'all think? I need to impress the parents and in-laws with this one guys.

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What is the sell by date on them?
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The non-trimmed Spares have a Sell-by date of 7/16, and the St. Louis Spares a sell-by date of 7/15, which is tomorrow. I should probably freeze them right? Or should I smoke them, and then refrigerate? Maybe I made a bad decision buying these, but I couldn't pass up the price.

What do you think?

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You could go either way with them. lol If you have more time now, then smoke them first. If you have more time later, then throw them in the freezer and smoke them the day you need them.
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They should be alright I think but if you are trying to impress the in-laws I think I would freeze them because while I think you should be alright. What kind of impression will you make with everyone blowing grits in the bathroom. Like dawn said what is the sale by date too? So it your call
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Through them in the freezer and be safe.
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What exactly does the sell-by date mean? I've heard that it means you still have a week before they go bad, or before you freeze them. My question is, can I keep them in the fridge until Saturday and not worry, or should I presmoke/or freeze
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I just pulled some ribs out of the freezer I stuck in before I went to MD last week. Put them on the grill with some sauce and I told Red I think they were better than the day I smoked em.

I would go ahead and freeze them. No need in takin a chance. If you smoke them you can freeze them and slam em on the grill like I did tonight. I cut mine before I froze them so when I put them back on the grill they had the sauce all the way around them. Left them on just long enough to make the sauce good and sticky.

The only bad choice here is if you were to leave them in the fridge and they went bad on you before you could cook em. Then your sale price won't look so good.

Most of the pork I buy has a sell or freeze by date. Some are worded Use by date. All according to how it is worded. I wouldn't hold fresh pork more than 3 days without cooking or freezing. That's not the law... just my opinion.
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Thanks guys - I just tossed them in the freezer, not taking that chance of my parents and in-laws blowing chunks...

Consider the thread closed.

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I'm sure a lot will depend on the fridge temp. I try and keep mine below 36' and I would be ok to keep them, but it is your call. You can always freeze them for a day and put back in the fridge to thaw until saturday.
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smart man PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifpoints.gif
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Here is some information on the different dates.

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I agree with Ron; those are a moist product and bacteria can grow quickly. Freezing retards that growth. They'll taste just as good!
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Good call on freezing them. If you kept them cold cold like RonP said they might have been ok, but why risk it? The dates on them are always nice to have, but the ribs don't look at the dates. There could have been a new hire that left them out for a long time after the truck came in because they wouldn't all fit in the right place and so the temps went up already. And then you get the last ones, the oldest ones (great price!!!). Still fine to eat, but might not be fine to hold as long. Again, good call on freezing them.
Now you have 2 choices- you can keep those stashed away for yourself and go get some more thawed ones to smoke, or thaw those out.

Good luck and be sure to show us your Qview if you can.
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According to the USDA guys, the ribs should be fine for 3 to 5 days if stored below 40 degrees.
Hope this helps
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