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Q View!

So I finally took the smoker for her first live run yesterday. I worked tirelessly to get it working since we were having 25 guests coming over last night. She isnt pretty yet, but worked like a charm. Smoked two boston butts, two deer meatloafs and some deer tenderloin. We were going to do some ABT's as well but chose to hold off for the first football game.

I didnt have enough time to drill the proper below fire vent holes, so I had to keep playing with the door to get my temps right. The reverse flow worked flawlessly. No more than 5 degrees difference between the ends. I'll get her cleaned up and painted this week. In fact, I've taken all week off so I can finish it completely.

Left to right: Deer meatloaf wrapped in bacon, tenderloins on top, chopped pork in the middle, and another deer meatloaf on the right.

Added a bacon explosion and another deer meatloaf on the left, but the GF cooked those in the oven.
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Way to go...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif the qview looks delicious...
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Looks awesome man !! Bring on the real football ( college)..icon_mrgreen.gif
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congrats! food looks great,good job!
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Used the finished product to cook a few shoulders last week at the first football game. Due to me cooking, I wasnt able to snap some pics, but some of the other tailgaters did. I've been waiting on them to post them all week, but it looks like I'll have to take some when I get home and get them up. It looks great!
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Sweet!! Awesome rig, congrats...
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I'm not sure how I missed this whole thread, I LOVE homebuilds! lol

Your set up looks fantastic Tyswake!!! Great job on the build and the grub! Nice! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gificon_cool.gif
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PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifgreat job there
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Looks great,PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif is it mounted permanently to the trailer or can you remove it when it is not necessary to move it?
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Its welded to the frame. I went ahead and did that for stability purposes. I had a nice big writeup to explain all the pics, but it got lost in the upload.

The first Q-view in my most recent post was the two shoulders and a bacon explosion (fatty). I was amazed, and I call it dumb luck but I never hit the plateau on those shoulders. This coming weekend we're going to do around 30 racks of ribs hopefully.

The tailgating group loved it though, and I've had people offer to give me things to add on it. This weekend we'll have the tv and satellite attached. One big change, we're going to strip down the paint on the trailer part and go with oil based automotive paint for next season. The water based paint gets knocked off too easily.
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Jeesh... for a minute there I thought you did your project proud by going all Steelers colors... guess not.

Nice looking unit none the less!! Great job.
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That is just awesome. Great job. I live in PA now, but grew up in the south and went to UVA. Love the ACC. You must really be enjoying those games now.
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New pics

I could probably start a whole new thread in some of the other forums, but since it is all done on my tailgate smoker, I figure I'll just add them here. Here are a couple pics from the more recent smokes.

At one of the games we did 38 racks of ribs and 48 ears of corn. They both were phonominal and huge hits.

For this last game we had ~100 people showing up to tailgate with us so we went with a whole hog. 122lb'er without the head. Sadly, they wouldnt allow me to have the head on it. Apparently some idiots are freaking out about swine flu, still thinking they can get it from pig brains.

A neighboring tailgater brought over a butt for us to smoke because the sweet smell of the hickory was better than the smoke he was getting with his charcoal. Also pictured are some of the ABT's. We had 40 in all. Jalepenos, Seranos, Poblanos, and Anaheims.

The tv crew was so impressed by the tailgate that they came and did an interview. By this point I was a good number of cold one's in, and yes she had a low cut shirt on.

We got worried when the Highway Patrol showed up, but they just wanted in on the pig.

The officer from the Maryland Highway Patrol (center) was impressed with our southern cooking
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nice pit, diggin them HAWKEYE COLORS, ok WF can share, at least its not grab his package blue like half the stuff in NC lol.
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That is a nice setup you got there. Glad to hear that its a big hit.
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Amazing thread. Great looking rig. Wonderful looking food PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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that thing is awesome
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The ribs and pig look awesome...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Above is the video that I was being interviewed for. Looking back on it, I should have taken it a little slower with the brewskies. There is a blatant mistake in my statement......
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