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buckboard bacon ?'s

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wanna make some so here goes.
1 whats the best cut of meat and how much trimming.
2 can one puchase Hi Mountain cure any where else than Hi Mountain.
3 is this cure salty (Hi Mountain)
4 how many days in cure.
5 what temp to remove from smoke
6 when finished can ya fry just like belly bacon
7 any other good ideas throw em in
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I used pork bellies but the kit showed directions for using a butt
I got my kits at Sportsman's Warehouse
It was not salty at all (at least I didn't think)
The cure time will depend and the cure will tell you how long
Your looking for smoke not temps since its cured
Yes you cook it just like any other bacon
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thanks i was thinking maybe something leaner than bellies.
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I've done it with butts and shoulders, It's not belly bacon but almost as definitely leaner the belly if thats what you're after.
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I want to try it with a butt I think it would be great
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yea something i can fry and smoke like on abt's burgers and suchicon_question.gif
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try using a shoulder/picnic.......slice lengthwise down to the bone, then filet around that bone and lay out...put the cure to it and smoke that. Won't make pretty slices of bacon like we are used to, but will make good bacon for cooking/mixing/seasoning....sorta like the mis-cut bacon that you can get in bulk packages...but leaner..........
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pork butt or shoulder-as jerry stated on where to get-cure penatrates 1 inch per 5 days-no is not salty-after a test fry if to salty soak another couple hrs-smoke at 200 and remove at 140ish-and yes at 140ish it still needs fried like bacon-if u want a sweeter bacon u can rub with maple syrup and let dry in front of a fan for 2 hrs-I fan mine that long even without the maple-can patrial coat with cbp-or any other spice u like-but as a first try go neked than play with the tastes.
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I recently cured and smoked up some country style pork ribs. I sliced what I could and will use the rest for seasoning. Little chunks of this is great in anything: wicked baked beans, green beans, bean soup, etc. I've done a butt before and cured it for 13 days it turned out awesome. One thing you could do to speed curing would be to cut it into four smaller sections. Hi-Mtn doesn't recommend the meat to be cured greater than 3 1/2".

Buckboard Ribs/cured 5 days

Buckboard Butt

Sliced Up
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thanks no i don't want a sweet bacon just not salty mainly smoken material on abt burgers moink balls and the like. reg. bacon is great but i've already hade a roto ruter and a stint so i'm looken for taste not cholest.
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