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Thank you everyone for the kind words....i have one thing to say, that stall was a KILLER man, had a tough time waitin that out!!! more thing those potatoes were from upper N.Y. state they are called "salt potatoes"....absolutely awesome. if memory serves me right "Meowey" should be farmiliar with them.
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Looks mighty fine, dirt! Alot of folks here are having really good results with their first brisky burn, unlike me...mine wasn't a hit at all. I was armed with much more knowledge from here on the forum on the second round. Now, I'm hooked!

Don't sweat the stalls though. The longer it stalls the more it will melt away the connective tissues, making for a really tender cut of meat. I also noticed a drop in I/T when mine was working through the stall, only it was in the upper 150* range.

Sounds like you'll be on the brisket wagon now, too! LOL!!!

Nice smoke!

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Excellent brisket Dirtman,,,,points.gif. That stall will play with your mind....I kept checking my probes,,,really never paid that much attention to it before....Nice smoke
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Dooooooooood....that's sweet looking. And no worries on that ring, looks good to me.

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nice lookin brisket there brudda!!
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cant wait to do it again, brudda...LOLbiggrin.gif
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Great job on that brisky! Looking good!
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